With the 10″ tablet you go from “hobby” to “professional” with still the same small learning curve you are familiar with from Quilt-EZ. Use you existing 7" tablet bracket to hold the new 10" tablet.

Compatible with Butler robotics, Quilt Magician if Android 7" Tablet, and any Perfect Stitch regulated machine.

For: Shirley Stitcher, Shirley Stitcher II, Quilt Sew Clever, Quilt Sew Clever II, Quilt Artist, Quilt Artist II, and Quilt Magician.

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  • 10 Inch Android Tablet
The Android Tablet The Android Tablet The Android tablet gives you all the functionality of the quilting industries latest advances. Pick your screen size; Choose the 10″ model for a larger, easier to see screen. The Power of Android The Android Tablet gives you all the features of an android device. Access the Google Play store, Browse the internet, or even watch YouTube videos all from your quilting machine. – Along with the ability to rotate, autosize, and repeat patterns, Butler also includes a crop feature, perfect for applique patterns. You can also see a birds-eye view of all your to-be-stitched patterns, select which patterns you would like to run, plus a brand new Text Generator which allows you to create patterns based on text directly from the tablet. Wifi Enabled – Wireless internet lets you access popular sites, like YouTube, Pandora, E-mail and others, all right from your quilting machine. You’ll also be able to install software updates at the push of a button. We are the only system on the market to be able to QUICKLY update over WiFi. Compatible with nearly every machineRegardless of which display you choose, Butler is compatible with nearly every machine on the market. Even if your system is not among our compatible machine types, our engineering team will work with you to make sure the Butler will serve you on your machine.
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While you wait, here are some great free resources for questions from "How do I get updates for my repair?" to "Why won't my machine stitch?" to "Why won't my tablet connect to WiFi?".
At Home Diagnostics
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