Start-right Precision cloth leaders help you manage your quilt from start to finish.

A time-saving product for accurately installing your fabric layers to your quilting frame.

  • 3 Hemmed Queen Size (88”) printed cloth leaders
  • Velcro® attachment kit
Manage your quilt from start to finish with precision cloth leaders as you use your Qnique machine.

  • Helps you easily attached fabric to your frame
  • The cloth leaders keep your quilt square and loaded properly
    For your Q'nique quilting frame
  • These leaders are printed with precise guide marks and pin lines
  • The guide marks and pin lines are there so you can quickly and accurately attach the fabric to your frame
  • Serge or hem the leader ends and install
  • Made of heavy duty 100% cotton
  • Includes a Velcro attachment kit that can be used to secure the cloth leaders to the frame
  • Instructions are printed on each leader for easy reference
Other Images

icon Grace Start Right 88" Grid Quilt Frame Cotton Cloth 3 Leaders

icon Comes with velcro strips for holding fabric to back rails.

icon Same as Juki 3 Piece Set of Leader for Attaching Quilt to Rail With this leader cloth, excess fabric is not needed for wrapping around rails and the printed guidelines help with aligning. MSRP: $108.00 for 4STRL-112" 10ft Frame and $135.00 for 4STRL-136" 12ft Frame

icon Q'nique 88" Precision Cloth Leaders

icon Grace Qnique GCL88 Start Right

icon 88" Grid Quilt Frame Cotton Precision Cloth 3 Leaders +Velcro