The Kenmore DU3018 Bagless Upright Vacuum cleaner is a powerful and versatile cleaning machine designed to handle every room in your house. With multiple cleaning and suction modes, this vacuum is built to clean your whole home effortlessly. Its sleek, lightweight design makes operation, transportation and storage easy. The Kenmore DU3018 is designed for daily cleaning, but can also handle tougher messes thanks to its powerful motor.
  • Agitator reset: The Kenmore DU3018 has an agitator reset, so if the agitator jams, slows down or stops for any reason, the protector shuts off the agitator motor. The suction motor will continue to run.
  • Thermal overload protection: A thermal protector will automatically trip if a clog prevents normal air flow to the motor. This allows the motor to cool and protects it from damage.
  • Telescoping wand: A telescoping wand function means you can easily clean stairs and other tricky areas.
  • Suction control: Full suction control lets you adjust the suction to better suit different floor types and carpet weights.
  • Great maneuverability: The Kenmore DU3018 has a 180 degree swivel.
  • Hygienic, bagless design: The Kenmore DU3018 does not require vacuum bags. The dust bin can be easily and hygienically emptied when full.

  • Crevice tool
    A crevice tool makes cleaning in tight spaces around furniture both quick and hassle-free.

  • Dusting brush
    The dusting brush offers a gentle clean on sensitive surfaces. The dusting brush is as gentle as a duster, but instead of dispersing debris into the air, it traps dirt securely within the machine.

  • Rotating dusting brush
    A rotating dusting brush offers a stronger dust clean for trickier areas.

  • Pet Handimate
    The Pet Handimate makes cleaning up after those furry friends easy. Pet dander and hair are no match for the Kenmore DU3018.

    Floor brush mode
    The Kenmore DU3018 comes with a unique floor brush mode designed for spot cleaning floor areas where you may not want to bother with the entire vacuum. To engage in floor brush mode, simply press the wand release button, pull back the wand and floor brush, and lift the floor brush from the machine.

    The floor brush offers a quick and maneuverable clean. The floor brush is significantly lighter and can easily be carried and operated in crowded areas. The nozzle of the floor brush is designed to clean sensitive surfaces without sacrificing the power of the Kenmore Vacuum.