Vikant Corporation, is well known among Pfaff users for our Blank Memory Cards. Since 1998 thousands of cards have been purchased, used and loved by Pfaffers around the World.

If you own a Pfaff embroidery machine, most likely you are already our Customer.

But, did you know that the same card can be programmed with 250,000 stitches for use with your Bernina Artista 200 embroidery machine.

The Ultimate Card ver.III has the largest possible memory capacity 512KBites that Pfaff 7560, 7562, 7570, 2140,2144, Bernina Deco 730 and Bernina Artista 200 sewing machines can use. They hold 512 KB of usable memory (4 times more designs than 128Kb Pfaff or 128Kb Artista cards)!

The Ultimate Card, Ver. III is the Ultimate solution for Pfaff and Bernina Artista 200 sewing machine users.

All Pfaff and Artista cards, as well as The Ultimate Card ver.III, are manufactured using the same PCMCIA technology.

The Ultimate Card III can be programmed:
The Ultimate Card III for use with Bernina Artista embroidery machines only by the dual-slot Ultimate Box II.
The Ultimate Card III for use with Pfaff embroidery machines by Pfaff Creative/Smart station box or the dual-slot Ultimate Box II.

The Ultimate Card ver.III is used with the Pfaff Sewing machines exactly in the same way as Pfaff cards.

Just place your Ultimate Card III into the dual-slot Ultimate Box II and transfer as many designs as the card can hold!

Click Here to View the Vikant Card Version Compatibility Chart for Versions 1, 2 or 3 (.PDF)

  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
The Ultimate Card ver.III Compatibility
Bernina: ARTISTA 200
PFAFF: CREATIVE 2140, 2144, 7560, 7562, 7570

Maximum Usable Memory: 512 Kilobytes