• An Intricate Web Of 3-Ply Random-Spun Fibers Allow The Intensive Clean Bag To Retain Significantly More Particles And Allergens Than With Conventional Paper Dustbags
  • Virtually Eliminates Clogging, Improving Suction Performance Even Further Millions Of Tiny Dust Particles Are Held Tightly Within Its Fibers, Keeping The Pores On The Surface Of The Dustbag Open Longer
  • Vacuum Cleaner Retains Its Excellent Suction Performance, Even When The Dustbag Is Full
  • Practically Tear-Proof, This Special Material Virtually Prevents Damage Caused By Sharp, Pointed Items In The Bag Or Through Misuse During Replacement
  • Comes Five to a Pack, plus:
  • 1 pre-Motor Filter
  • 1 Super Air Clean Exhaust Filter

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The new KK dustbag has been considerably improved in various respects:

- The collar has been redesigned exclusively for Miele and now offers not only greater

stability when being fitted and removed but also considerably higher-value appeal

thanks to a more contemporary design.

- The bag material with its innovative Soft Structure is the same basic material as used

on the FJM, GN and U versions. Hence the KK bag will be more identifiable as a

product from the Miele dustbag family than previously the case and will be given the

AirClean label to reflect its enhanced performance values.

- New, too, is the fact that FJM, GN, U and KK dustbags are all sold in the same form

of collapsible box so as to perfectly match other products from the product family.

The consumer benefits of the KK dustbag are as follows:

For cleaner room air, the Miele AirClean System with AirClean KK dustbag,

motor protection and air exhaust filter more than 99.9% of all particles are

filtered out.

The new dustbags offer the highest level of efficiency also when vacuuming

at low power levels. This allows users to save energy when vacuuming

without compromising on high cleaning performance.

A pack of HyClean KK contains 5 dustbags; all other AirClean versions

consist of 4 dustbags.
Marilyn, Florida

Ken, Missoula, MT
I ordered the vacuum bags as second thought two days after I ordered a new vacuum from a different site. Your bags arrived 8 days before the new vacuum. I choose the other site because they falsely advertised free over night shipping. It took 2 weeks for the vacuum to get to my house. From now on I will check All Brands first.

AllBrands is not permitted to deliver Miele vacuums outside of the USA