• Electrically powered carpet tool with clip cable for non-direct connect electric hoses has a 13 3/8" wide brush roll with 5 height adjustments for a variety of carpet densities. Swivel neck for maneuverability, an integrated light and all-round bumper strip to protect your furniture and automatic shut-off when in the parked position.
  • Recommended for: Deep cleaning and restoring of crushed carpet nap on all densities of pile carpeting

    The Miele SEB236 Powerbrush is a large deluxe powerhead with height adjustment and direct connect. This Miele electrically-driven powerbrush, with a 13-3/8" wide brush roll, provides you with 5 height adjustments for cleaning a variety of carpet heights. This carpet tool has a swivel neck for maneuverability, a light for seeing well in those dark places of the house, an all-around bumper strip to protect your furniture, and an automatic shut-off when in the parked position. The SEB236 is recommended for cleaning all carpet types up to the very thickest of carpets. This powerbrush direct connects with the SET220 wands and a direct connect electric hose, eliminating all external cords.

    Height Adjustable (5 settings) to optimize vacuuming for different carpet types. No plastic screws apparently used in the construction, which is unrivaled when compared to other leading brands.
    Wide vacuuming track (13 & 3/8 inches)
    Very smooth rolling and glides almost as if it was self propelled. The fluorescent light lasts forever and is incredibly bright.
    There is a reset button in case the vacuum "eats" something it shouldn't
    There is a status button to indicate proper operation, green = good, otherwise there could be a problem of some sort.
    Highly maneuverable and able to quickly slide under 90% of the furniture in our home.
    Vacuum bristles cease rotating when not in use.
    Performance is incredible; carpet looks new afterwards and is impeccably clean.
    The rotating bristles turn themselves off when it’s not being used or in the upright position. Good power saving feature and probably adds to the life of the product.
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SEB 234
SEB 234 L
SEB 236

Miele SEB234 Full Size Power Brush can be used to replace all mid size power brushes such as SEB 213, SEB 213-2 and full size power brushes as SEB 224 . . . This newly redesigned power brush has superior performance in cleaning all carpeted floors, from oriental rugs to high pile shag carpets. Replace your old power brush with this and experience an all new level of perfect cleaning!
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icon Miele 41996421 SEB234 Powerbrush, 13-3/8"W Brush Roll for SES100 Hose