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INCLUDED: Qnique Q19x9"Longarm Quilting Machine, Dual V-track Wheels for Platform, Stitch Regulation w/Encoders, Front Handles, Control Panel, for Grace Frames


INCLUDED: Grace Cutie Table Top Portable Metal Quilting Hoop Fabric Frame 36"W for Qnique 15-19" w/Top Plate Carriage Platform +Handles for Home Sewing Machines

In Stock! The Q’nique 19 blends the comfortable feel of a shortarm with the reach and capabilities of a longarm quilting machine.

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The Q'nique Q19 Longarm Quilting Machine
The Q'nique 19 is the perfect complement to any home quilting system. The Q19 features more capabilities and less difficulties than other non-Q'nique longarms in the market. You’ll find that its familiar design and advanced functionality will make the Q’nique 19 the star of any quilting space.

The Q’nique 19 blends the comfortable feel of a shortarm with the reach and capabilities of a longarm quilting machine. It bridges the gap for customers who want the features and benefits of a longarm machine. Its look and design provide customers with a feeling of familiarity while letting them step into a longer machine.

Now, with the release of the Q’nique 19 Longarm, every product made continues its focus on the customer by employing quality, comfort, and convenience at every level. Like the Grace Company itself, quality is at the heart of the Q'nique quilting machine line of products.

The Q’nique 19 features 19 inches of throat space from the needle to the back of the work area. This extended work area gives you the freedom to quilt larger patterns and blocks.

The Cutie Frame
For many quilters, space and quilt size can be a large issue. The Cutie Frame can fit on any flat surface, allowing for use almost anywhere, and like the Hoop-Frame it can make any size quilt. Once a project is done for the day, it is easily stored in a closet until it is needed again.

This frame fits at a price point for people who love quilting, and brings with it all the possibilities of free-motion quilting.

While your customers will love its easy storage ability, the Cutie Fabric Frame can be broken down for use while travelling or on vacation.

The Cutie Fabric Frame is a great accessory for sewing machines, allowing any sewer, artist or crafter to embellish their stitching on any fabric project.

FREE Accessory Bundle
A pack valued at $298 for free!

  • Super Slide Ruler Template
  • Mini Slide Ruler Template
  • Slice Ruler Template
  • MR 18/100 Needles
  • Ruler Base
  • Bobbin Pack
  • Hopping Foot Kit
You may need an extension for the foot control cord on your home sewing machine if the foot control does not reach the floor or if moving the machine moves the foot control. The other option is a Grace Remote Speed Control for compatible machines list: Click HERE Currently the Cutie comes with just the single prong extension cable. Eventually, they are going to include 6 cables with each frame. It will include 1200mm (3.97’) cables, the cable already included, a TRS (stereo) Extension Cable, a Custom Barrel Extension Cable, an Angled Barrel jack Extension Cable, a HD9 Foot Pedal Extension cable, and a 3 Prong Extension Cable.

PLEASE NOTE: the free foot control extension cord included has to be tested with single prong jacks on machines. We cannot guarantee that it will work, even on computer sewing machines. Please contact us with any questions.
Other Images

icon Q'nique 19 on Cutie Frame

icon Includes Q'nique 19 Longarm Quilting Machine

icon If your control pedal cord isn't long enough, this extension cable is included.

icon Foot control pedal attached to extension cable

icon Instructions on how to attach and install the foot control extension cable

icon Instructions on how to attach and install the foot control extension cable, continued

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