For precise, quality ironing every time! Easily get under layers of fabric with the Wedge irons narrow tip. Has wide, ergonomic handle for comfort and secure handling. A large, convenient dial for temperature control: Low is approximately 230 degrees (F), Medium: approx. 300 degress, High: approx. 390 degrees. Great for patch work and details. Fluoroesin coated soleplate for ease of ironing. *Comes with a small spray bottle to help get wrinkles out as you iron. Great for pressing in the hoop.

Tool School with Instructor Steve Butler
Wedge Iron, What is it?
Pressing is an essential part of most sewing and many craft projects. Pressing during sewing construction creates accurate assembled pieces which match up beautifully into quilt, fashion, heirloom or home decor finished projects. Unfortunately, the modern pressing tools available to us do not always provide the specific features and capabilities we might need. In an attempt to provide special feature ironing solutions, many manufacturers have merely miniaturized their full sized irons. This only made smaller versions with little effect for making them more relevant. To provide a true solution to emerging pressing challenges Clover has identified an entire set of special ironing requirements and then used them to design the revolutionary Clover Wedge Iron from the ground up.

What does it do?
Clover developed the Wedge Iron to meet the requirements of both contemporary and emerging sewing techniques. The Wedge has several unique design features and is truly the future of situational ironing.

Size and portability allow us to set up a pressing station right at our sewing machines for chain piecing, paper-piecing for any number of other techniques.
There is no steam function so there are no concerns for fabric distortion in construction phases.
Negative space over the pointed toe allows you to iron under casings, piping, pockets, belts, buttons, flaps, lapels, epaulets, etc.

A small, "wedge" shaped foot print allows ironing inside an embroidery hoop or into sharp or restrictive corners. The unique size and shape allows quick and precise application of both small and large appliqué pieces. The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold and allows easy control for precise movement. A large, easy to adjust temperature control dial allows temperatures settings from 230 to 390 degrees. The non-stick Flouroesin surface ensures smooth, snag free ironing.

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