Made in Europe, 24.5x9" Pressing Board, 11 Ply Finnish Birch, 1000 Watts, 392°F Heat Plate, Variable Temperature Dial, On Off Switch, Auto-Off with Buzz, 23 Lbs, Water Spray Bottle Creates Steam at up to 400°F from the hot iron shoe surface.

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  • Only ironing board clam shell press available with solid upper iron heat sole plate with no holes, all heat! No steam holes in heat shoe that can show up as bubbles on pressed fabrics, appliques, fusible stabilizers and interfacings, or on heat transfers.

  • Dry Press which you can add water spray to create steam.
    Up to 392 degree heated surface for fusing appliques and stabilizers as well as ironing garment fabrics.

    The Artistic Press will cut your ironing time in half and take the drudgery out of ironing.

  • Time-Saving – Ironing surface is 10 times larger, and you get twice as much done!

  • You can press up to 8 layers at once!

  • Less Effort – The press can be used while seated comfortably and applies 100lbs of pressure, compared
    to 20lbs for regular irons

  • Professional Results – less wear and tear on fabrics and no shiny effects

  • Great Value – Excellent price for Swiss designed* full size, high quality press.

  • Safe – Electronic safety power cut shuts off after 10 seconds in closed position – no scorched laundry!

  • *Peraluman Heat Shoe
  • 15 Minutes Heat Up Time to Cotton Linen setting, Only 5 Minutes to Silk setting.
  • 62 x 23 cm board (24.5" x 9") pressing surface
  • Only dry press available with solid iron plate
  • No steam holes so that your fabric does not get imprinted
  • Ability to adjust temperature settings
  • Pressing pad for those hard to reach spots or quick touch-ups.
  • 100 lbs. of pressure
  • Mini pressure marking allows for 50 lbs. of pressure if desired
  • Spray bottle included
  • Energy efficient heating shoe
  • Weighs less than 25 lbs.
  • Uses 600-1000 watts per hour of electricity
  • Electric cord is detachable
  • Board made of Finnish birch, as used in saunas (no warping)

  • No more trips to the dry cleaner for those perfect edges.
  • Even T-shirts with decorations can be pressed to your satisfaction.
  • You will be pleased with the crisp look of your collars, cuffs, and pockets.
  • Pad included to help you get to those hard to reach places.
  • Presses pillow cases and sheets like new. You will never use anything else to press these sheets again.
  • See how the sleeve seam fits the angle of the board for perfectly pressed sleeves every time.
  • The Artistic Press is designed to press shaped items with a minimum of fuss. The heat in the fabric is hotter than you
  • You never have to worry about ironing around buttons or having them break off at the cleaners. They sink into the deep pad!
  • You ask, what about the collar? See how perfectly it fits on the press board.
  • See how the whole crotch fits on the board!
  • Notice how the pant leg fits nicely on the press board.
  • Simply bring the press shoe down and you have a crisp pleat. No dry cleaning involved.
  • Large items such as Grandma's table linens are a breeze with the press and the large open area in the back for convenient storage while pressing.

    How to use the Artistic Press. This video will show you how to use the innovative Artistic Press!

Included Accessories
  • Cover and pad set
  • Presser pad for sleeve cuffs and pant legs
  • Water spray bottle to help create steam
  • Detachable electric cord
  • Instruction book
Other Images

icon Artistic EP100 Ironing Board Press 25x9" Elna Swiss-Euro Design, Serviced Refurb. Heat shoe is stained but cover is being replaced with a brand new one. JMD

Do you have a press that is able to sustain pressing with starch at a heavy level, and if so what are the price ranges?
If you use spray starch and a cotton press cloth in between the hot iron shoe and the fabric, it would not be a problem with any press we sell. Without the press cloth on top of the garment, the starch would build up on the iron shoe and it is hard to clean off, even with Iron Off which is like Easy Off for cleaning ovens.

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