Made of steel, durable enough to survive into the next century. The bread-box principle remains as true today as it was in your grandmother's time: to stay fresh, bread and baked goods need air--but not too much. This box lets in just enough air so that loaves don't get soggy and crusts stay crisp. Like its function, the form of this box is pleasingly retro. Plenty big enough (17 inches wide by 7-1/4 inches high by 10 inches deep) to hold family-size supplies, its roll-top door opens and closes smoothly. The stainless steel on this bread box gleams.

  • Large capacity bin
  • Protective plastic trim
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Measures 17" wide x7" high by 11" deep
  • Roll top door for smooth operation

    Is it bigger than a breadbox? Perhaps, a little. We store many more types of breads than our parents did. For over 2,000 years our ancestors used containers to preserve the freshness of baked bread. The modern bread box is an extension of this wise tradition. Polder has taken it a step further to accommodate different breads and rolls so, in a sense, it is bigger. -Roll top door for smooth operation-Stainless Steel