No threads.... No bobbins.... No limits.... Xpress… yourself!

Bring out the artist in you, select from your palette of fabrics And threads and blend together to create unique textures and Surfaces.

It's easy, by simply moving the fabrics freely under the Needles you can quickly and easily create beautiful surface Embellishments.... Watch your own design develop.... Anyone can do it!

The Janome Xpression will help you create fabrics which can then be sewn into a finished garment, furnishing or be simply used as a work of art. It has five barbed needles, which mesh the fibers to secure two or more pieces of fabric together. Every design you create will be unique …experiment with Colors, fabrics, yarns and a whole host of other creative Materials.... a fantastic use of all those scraps of fabric and Threads you never want to throw away!

The Xpression is a needle felting machine - it does not sew, but uses barbed needles to mesh fabrics together. The fibers mingle to create new color and texture combinations that simply cannot be achieved with embroidery, applique, or any other kind of needlework. It doesn't require thread, a bobbin, or any previous sewing experience. Use to mesh fabrics with wool roving yarn and other trims.


*OPTIONAL Janome Creative Series Artistic Xpression Instructional DVD Volume 1 for FM725/Expression Needle Punch Felting Machine.

*OPTIONAL Janome Wool Roving 100% Wool Fiber for Xpression and FM725 Needle Punch Felting Machine (6 assorted colors) To Get Started. .

*OPTIONAL Janome 725822004 Clear Foot, Interchangeable Needle Holder, 5 needles, and 5 Extra Single Needles for eXpression & FM725 Needle Punch Felting Machines

*OPTIONAL Janome Large Hole Needle Plate #003725003104 for Janome Xpression

Click HERE for Janome FM725 Brochure.pdf

Click HERE for webpage on FM725 Needle Punch Felting Machine: Overview, Features, Specifications, Photos, Video, Accessories, and Warranty

Janome FM725 Expression Needle Punch Felting Embellisher Machine Instruction Book Operating Manual in ENGLISH

Needle Felted Jacket by Janet Miller of Able Sewing in Raynham, MA

  • Felting/Needle Punching Machine
  • Free Arm/Flat Bed Convertible
  • Skeleton Body Construction
  • Retractable Carrying Handle
  • Machine Size: W389 x H278 x D150 mm
  • Machine Weight: 4.6 kg
  • Variable within 200-900 spm
  • Needle Block: Groz-Beckert felting needle #36 (0.60) x 5 pcs.; Fixed type (Needles are Glued to the Base)
  • 5-hole Needle Plate (2mm x 5)
  • Transparent Presser Foot with Finger Guard
  • Presser Foot Height Adjustment
  • Transparent and Position Adjustable Eye Guard
  • Built-in Lint Catcher
  • Incandescent Electric Lamp

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Included Accessories
  • Finger/Eye Guard
  • Screwdriver
  • Hexagonal Wrench
  • Needle Plate (one hole)
  • 5 Needle Holder Unit
  • 1 Needle Holder Unit
  • 3 Single Needles
  • Lint Brush
  • Instruction Book
  • Instructional Movie Video DVD
  • Foot Control
  • Freearm Extension Table Accessory Storage
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icon Adjustable Height Pressure Foot with Needle Guard Ring.

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