Brother PR600 has Floppy disk drive, memory card and compact flash card slots, USB Cable Port on back of machine is for firmware updates. Later models PR620, PR650 and PR655 have USB ports.

  • HAx130EBBR Organ Needles for the PR600/C are now available in SIZES #9/65, #10/70, #11/75, #12/80, #14/90 below.

  • The Brother PR-600 gives you the POWER and FEATURES of an industrial embroidery machine, yet it's compact enough to fit anywhere in your home or shop and lightweight enough to take with you on the road.

  • The PR-600 offers easy operation, six needles, automatic color change, automatic top and bottom thread trimmers, embroiders tubular garments, has a 12" x 8" embroidery area, and sews at a maximum speed of 1000 spm.

  • The most exciting feature is multi-media software ports, for optional Brother embroidery cards and PE Design downloads to blank cards or floppy disks. No other embroidery machine has this flexibility.

    The Brother PR-600 gives you the power and technology of a commercial embroidery machine yet is incredibly easy to use. This innovative machine is compact enough to fit anywhere in your home yet portable enough to take with you on the road. And best of all, its attractive price makes it possible for you to become a professional or embroider just like one.

    PR-600 offers easy operation, six needles, automatic color change, automatic top and bottom thread trimmers, embroiders caps and tubular garments, has a 12" x 8" embroidery area, and sews at a maximum speed of 1000 spm. Optional cap equipment, hoops, and PE Design® software/upgrades available.
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
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Click Here for Brother PR600 Users Manual, Quick Setup, Cap Frame Manual, English and Multi Language

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  • Single-head, 6-needle embroidery machine with cylinder
  • Maximum speed: 1000 stitches per minute
  • Multimedia capability: Built-in slots for floppy disks, Brother memory design cards and compact flash cards. USB Cable and Port.
  • Cards offer a wide variety of design storage choices
  • Extra-large, easy to use, color LCD touch-screen control panel
  • Built-in designs and keyboard lettering fonts
  • Exclusive automatic needle threading
  • Automatic upper and lower thread trimmers
  • Uses regular embroidery needles.
  • Upper and lower thread-break detection system)
  • On-screen editing
  • Ability to rotate designs in 1-degree increments
  • Wide selection of built-in thread color information makes it easy to choose the appropriate colors
  • Ability to pre-program automatic color changes for the entire design
  • Exclusive automatic, 8-sided design trace for more accurate design placement
  • Ability to back-up through designs by individual stitches, color blocks or groups of 100 stitches
  • Design memory retention after machine is shut off
  • May be used either as stand-alone machine
  • Compatible with Brother’s award-winning PE-Design software and BE-100 digitizing software for use with popular home and commercial embroidery formats
  • Uses L-size prewound bobbins

    Microsoft® Windows® 7 support for Brother Home Sewing Machine Products (.pdf)

    Sewing Stitches
    Maximum Embroidery Speed (stitches per minute) Variable, up to 1000/ spm max

    back to top Embroidery Pattern
    Built-in Disney Designs No
    Decorative Patterns 106
    My Custom Design No
    Media Recognition Flash, USB, floppy, memory card
    Monogramming Fonts 13
    Frame Patterns 10 shapes x 12 stitch patterns

    back to top Screen/Software
    On-Screen Editing Yes
    Display Control Panel Color, LCD, touch, size⁄res
    Compatible with PE-Design/PED Basic Yes
    Design Memory Embroidery
    Software Upgrades Limited versions
    On-Screen Help Yes

    back to top Carton Contents
    Accessory Storage No
    Carrying Case No
    In the box Cables, sewing notions, tools, instructions
    Included Embroidery Hoops 12" x 8", 7" x 5", 4" x 4", 2 1/2" x 1 1/2"

    back to top Needle/Thread Feature
    Bobbin winding system Optional - PRBW1
    Bobbin Vertical, auto thread delivery
    Needle Threading System Automatic
    Thread Sensors Upper⁄lower
    Upper Thread Tension System for perfect stitches on any fabric Dial
    Thread Cutter Button Upper⁄lower
    Thread Wiper to pull thread tail out of embroidery area Yes
    # of needles 6

    back to top Machine Features
    Cap Frame capability Optional - PRCF2
    LCD Touch Control Panel Yes
    Sewing with Embroidery Arm Attached No
    Maximum Embroidery Field 12" x 8"

    back to top Other
    UPC Code 012502607625
    Machine Dimensions 23.23" H x 20" W x 23.23" D
    Machine Weight 81 lbs
    Shipping Dimensions 36.6" H x 29.9" W x 32.3" D
    Shipping Weight 116.6 lbs
    UL/CSA Listed y⁄110v
Included Accessories
  • Embroidery hoops included:
    1 each: 300 mm x 200 mm, approximately 12" x 8"
    1 each: 180 mm x 130 mm, approximately 7" x 5"
    1 each: 100 mm x 100 mm, approximately 4" x 4"
    1 each: 60 mm x 40 mm, approximately 21⁄2" x 11⁄2"

Other Images

icon The PR600 transferred to MET was received back here in BR. RH

icon Stitch Count 54,940,604 about 10% of life of machine if serviced when needed.

If you want a embroidery machine but already have a good sewing machine, the PR600 has 6 needles (not one), more hoops, larger sewing area, automatic 6-color change, and the ability to embroider tubular items such as caps and purses, which are not suitable for the Brother 4000 or competitor's models.

Also, Having a dedicated embroidery machine does not tie up a machine to do all your sewing and embroidery at competing times. It is always better to leave the embroidery machine running by itself, while you may be sewing hands on with your regular sewing machine, all at the same time. Two machines running simultanously doubles your output or cuts sewing time in half.

You can see a comparison charton or go to for more information.

1. It is a single head, six needle embroidery machine with a cylinder arm.
2. It sews at a maximum speed of 1000 stitches a minute! WOW!!
3. It has built in slots for floppy disks, Brother memory design cards and compact flash cards. All kinds of design storage choices.
4. It has an extra large LCD color touch screen control panel, like the ULT, BUT BIGGER!
5. Can you imagine needle threading automatically for SIX NEEDLES? Yep, you betcha!!!
6. And besides that, it has Automatic Upper and Lower thread trimmers.
7. On top of that, it also has upper and lower thread-break detection system. Getting Interested?????
8. It also has built in keyboard lettering fonts and designs.
9. How about on-screen editing?
10. And you can rotate your designs in 1 degree increments. Just like on the ULT's.
11. There is a great selection of built-in thread color information so you can choose the right colors.
12. You can program the thread automatic color changes for the entire design.
13. The machine has memory retention in the event you shut it off or lose power.
14. Can be used as a stand alone machine or it has a USB port for direct computer connection.
15. You can use your PE-Design software for use with home formats. 16. And it uses the same L size prewound bobbins we have been using right along! YIPPEE.!!!!
17. It comes with hoops in 12 x 8 - 7 x 5 - 4 x 4 - 2 1/2 X 1 1/2

Simplicity SE 3 and Brother PR600

Over 50% of the embroidery business is done on hats, bags, purses and other tubular items.

Unless you want to restrict yourself to flat goods such as towels, you really need a machine with a cylinder or tubular arm capability as well as flatbed embroidery. None of the regular single-needle home embroidery machines have tubular capability.

For business, we recommend the portable Brother PR600 8x12", 6-needle, automatic color change, auto thread trim embroidery machine with cap equipment.

For home use, we recommend the Simplicity SE3 4x4" embroidery machine with 119 designs, 3 hoops, 10 alphabets at the Simplicity SE3 Home Page.

I do have one question about my machine. The auto threader doesn't work, how do I go about getting this fixed?
use a magnifying glass or magnifying light to look at the tiny hook that is supposed to go into the back of the needle eye to pick up the top thread. If it is bent to the left or right of the needle eye, use a tiny flat blade eyeglass or tension screwdriver to bend the hook back to center so it will go right into the back of the needle eye. This is a common problem in automatic needle threader mechanisms. If the needle threader ever did work for you and now doesn't, then it must have been bent to one side in a threading operation.
My underbed thread trimmer shreds the thread and leaves a tail?
There is an adjustment to make the moveable knife go further under the stationary knife if it not going far enough to cut the thread. However you can first try Brother part #46758001 Spacer Washer under the moveable knife to move it up a bit so it puts more pressure on the stationary knife for consistent cutting.