Juki is the only sit down longarm quilter with automatic thread trimmers. Up to 50" Wide Table (with optional leafs) on adjustable height metal stand with wood top and leaf for left or right side, 30" overall depth. Stand is KD knocked down un-assembled, RTA ready to assemble.

Built In Basting, Laser Point Guide, Automatic Underbed Thread Trimmers, Big M Bobbins, Direct Drive Motor, Foot Control for Speed and Thread Trimming , Metal Gears, Dry Head Limited Oiling, Auxiliary Hand Wheel. Does not include optional 10' Frame or Stitch Regulation below. Machine can be fully upgraded with stitch regulation only on a frame, not the sit down table.

And yes, there will be a stitch regulator upgrade available for putting the TL2200QVP-S Sit Down head on the stand up Juki 10-12' optional frame that is made by The Grace Company.

SAME machine as the standup model – can be put on the optional frame in the future

  • 18” deep X 10” high
  • Built in bobbin winder
  • Auxiliary hand wheel
  • Semi Dry head technology
  • Direct drive servo motor
  • Metal gear timed
  • Auto tie off feature
  • Basting stitch
  • And MORE

    Installation Instructions: (.PDF) Set Up Manual For Juki TL2200QVP-S Sit Down Quilting Table. Please call us to speak to John, our tech, if you have any questions. It's easier than it looks on paper, and changes have been made to make it easier.

    Information Below Applies Only to the Optional TL2200QVP Frame Model, not to TL2200QVP-S Sit Down Model. Handles are not included and not needed for free motion quilting where you are moving the fabric under the needle.

    "Just took the Long Arm quilting class at Allbrands and it was awesome. The teacher Kay was so great and full of knowledge. Once you take the class you can rent the machine by the hour to quilt your own quilts!! Sign up, you won't regret it!!" Lisa M

    Direct drive motor with metal gears without any belts makes the machine more responsive and quieter. Specifically the motor is built into the head on the main shaft and the lower shaft is turned by a gear, there is no belt noise.

    Launched at the Long Beach International Quilt Show July, at the JIAM Show in Osaka Japan in September, at the Houston Quilt Festival in October and November 2012, and at AllBrands April 19-20.

    The Juki TL-2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro Long Arm Quilter is the newest Long Arm Quilting Machine on the market and from Juki in Japan and the only one on the market with top and bobbin thread trimmers.

    It has 18x10" or 180 square inches of arm space, compared to 118" for Tin Lizzie 18x6", 144" for Handiquilter Avante 18x8", and 144" for Tin Lizzie 24x6" heads. That's 25% more arm space more than 18x8 or 24x6 arms.

    The touch screen panel has many options, or manual speed control. Needle programmed to always stops up or always stop down, automatic thread trimming or manual command, etc.

  • 18.25" x 10.25" oversize arm space to right of needle is the largest workspace of any 18" longarm on the market. (55% more workspace than Tin Lizzie 18x6" Arm. 25% more than HandiQuilter Avanti).
  • Side Mount Hand Wheel eliminates the need reach around to the back of machine for main hand wheel.
  • Independent M bobbin winding system allows winding bobbins while sewing, or when not sewing.
  • Front or back operation of the machine from front or back of optional quilting frame. Free motion from the front and pattern motion from the back with laser stylus included and optional quilting design templates or paper patterns on the table.
  • Optional Grace All Metal 10 foot 120" frame a $3000 Value (expandable to 12 foot 144" frame with optional extension kit)
  • Stitch Regulator with X and Y encoders for the machine and platform which comes with machine.
  • Cruise Control Speed Settings as a % of 2200SPM maximum.
  • 6-16 Stitches Per Inch Settings for Stitch Length using Stitch Regulator
  • Baste to 3SPI Stitches Per Inch (1/2" 1" and 1.5"),
  • Presser Foot Adjustable Height for Fabric and Batting Thicknesses, 0-4mm with Slotted Presser Foot Height Adjustment
  • 0.5mm Recommended Distance from Bottom of Foot to Needle Plate when Foot and Needle are in lowest position. Adjustable for quilt thickness to prevent fabric from flagging (riding up and down on needle.)
  • 1/4" Tall, 1/2" Diameter All Metal Presser Foot for Rulers and Visibility.
  • Tack or Stay Stitch to make three stitches in place, and stop with needle up or down.
  • Needle Up or Down Settings will always stop with needle in fabric, or needle out of fabric
  • Needle Eye Guard to be installed at time of machine set up.
  • Presser Foot Lever to be installed at time of machine set up.
  • Two spool thread stand to be installed at time of machine set up.
  • Automatic or Manual Activation of both Top and Bottom Thread Trimming at the same time, the only quilting machine on the market with these features.
  • Super Bright LED No-heat lights above needle (4) and on both left and right handles (3 each).
  • Machine Bed Size: 18.25x10.25" (187 square inches) between needle and neck of machine
  • Speed: 2200 SPM Stitches Per Minute Maximum Speed Settings. Highest in Manual Free Motion Mode
  • Machine Head Weight 26Kg or 57 Pounds
  • Compatible with $5000 Grace Quilt Motion, Grace $2000 Creative Touch Pad Upgrade, Robotic Quilting Systems.
  • Sets up in 10' or 120" King or 5' or 60" Crib widths.
  • Batting Rail Included
  • Quick Release system for Rails, including those with rachets or tensioners.
  • Adjustable quilt frame leg Height up to 7" difference
  • Optional 2ft Extension to do 7" or 84" and 12' or 144"

    Unique Design
    The Quilt Virtuoso Pro has a slim sleek and sturdy design, unlike any Long Arm Quilting Machines to date!

    Extra Large Throat Space
    Discover the impressive 18 inches of horizontal throat space between the arm of the machine and the needle. Even more impressive is the 10 inch height, unlike most long arm quilting machines which only provide 6 to 8 inches of height

    Bright LED Lights
    10 Ultra Bright LED Light Bulbs over the needle and pattern area illuminate your workspace like never before, making it easy to see detailed work, while simultaneously reducing strain on your eyes.

    Built-in Scissors
    Convenient automatic scissors simultaneously trims the top and bottom thread. No other Long Arm Quilting Machine has this feature!

    Ergonomic Handles
    The TL2200 QVP comes equipped with ergonomic handles for ease and comfort while quilting. The ergonomic handles swivel from vertical into horizontal micro handles for precise close up detailed work! No need for extra set of micro handles.

    Needle Up/Down
    Easily move the needle up or down with the included Needle Up/Down Button. If the machine is off you can use the easy to reach hand wheel on the front of the machine allowing you to raise and lower the needle without having to turn on the machine or reach all the way around to the wheel on the back of the machine.

    Independent bobbin winder/motor
    The built-in bobbin winder has its own motor independent of the machine, so you can wind bobbins while you continue to quilt or while the machine is idle.

    Ultra Glide Tracking System
    Eight Ball bearing wheels hug the track of the optional frame in a V shape, ensuring smooth even quilting at all times.Machine will not "jump" off the rails.

    Take-up Bar
    The take-up bar allows you to roll up your quilt all the way without making any adjustments to the frame, unlike most other quilting machine frames where you have to adjust the rails up and down as the quilt fills the machine throat. Idler or dead bar below take up bar holds the fabric down to the bed to prevent flagging of fabric which causes skipped stitches.

    Made in Japan
    The TL2200QVP is made and assembled entirely in Juki's leading industrial manufacturing plant in Japan - not in China or Taiwan. It used technology developed for Juki's line of industrial sewing machines which have been proven benchmarks for decades of production and use. The Optional All Metal Frame is made by Grace in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Leader in sewing and quilting
    Juki is the Leading manufacturer of industrial sewing machines worldwide. Juki has taken this industrial knowledge and experience and put it into this long arm quilting machine for home use. The result is a unique heavy-duty high quality long arm quilting machine that all quilters are sure to love. 400W Motor is the strongest in the industry.

    2,200 SPM Stitches Per Minute Maximum Sewing Speed
    Obtain faster results! The TL-2200QVP offers professional speed so you can complete projects in record time. You can quilt faster on a Juki QVP than any other quilting machine made for the home market.

    Stitch Control - Perfect Tension Balanced Stitches
    The stitch balance control allows you to deliver more consistent stitching according to your needs for a perfect finish on your quilt. Pretension knob guarantees correct length of thread tail after thread trimmer is activated.

    Built-in Stitch Regulator
    Start, stop, speed up and slow down the motor of the quilter delivering the exact amount of stitches per inch that you have set in with the built-in stitch regulator on the TL-2200QVP Quilter. 10-12 SPI Stitches per Inch Recommended.

    Four Stitching Modes
    Work on your project the way you see fit! With three different stitch modes (Cruise doesn't stop stitching, Precise stops stitching when you stop, Manual Free Motion up to 2200SPM, and Baste for .5 to 1.5" stitch length) you can set up your stitching preferences and obtain the results you are looking for without added effort.

    Large 3.5" Color Touch Screen LCD Display
    Maintain absolute control with a top of the line Color LCD touch panel display where you can manage the stitch regulator, light settings, needle speed, stitch length, sound, screen brightness and all you need to complete your masterpiece.

    Automatic Thread Trimmer
    The machine is equipped with an automatic thread trimmer device that simultaneously trims the needle and bobbin threads to 1/4" at the sewing end by lightly pressing the push-button. It uses the same industrial thread trimming mechanism that was invented by Juki for their high speed straight stitch machines starting with the DDL555 to DDL8700 and has been in proven use for decades.

    Adjustable Front and Optional Rear Handles
    Added comfort and maneuverability with the adjustable front and optional rear handles that will give you complete control over your project from any position around the machine. Front handles are used for free motion quilting. Read handles can be used for following patterns with laser stylus included.

    Handle Bar Controls
    Start/Stop with Right Handle Button - Needle Up/Down with Left Handle Button. Controls at the reach of your finger tips.

    Compatible with ¼ Inch Thick Rulers because the presser foot ring is 1/4" tall

    All Metal Solid Steel Heavy Duty Virtuoso Optional Frame by Grace Frame

    Internal Motor
    Internal motor provides a quiet smooth operation, without any belt/noise.

    Dry Head System
    Thanks to the advanced dry-head technology (4 sealed permanent lubrication metal bearings on main shaft and 5 silicone impregnated and brass bushings throughout rest of machine) no lubrication is required except for the rotary hook section before each quilting project. This eliminates oil stains on the sewing product.

    Quick Response Direct Drive Motor - No Drift and No Belt to Slip
    For quiet and smooth operation.

    Easy Access Auxiliary Hand Wheel
    Obtain faster results! The TL-2200QVP offers professional speed so you can complete projects in record time.

    You can register your Juki machine purchase online with our new Registration page. Click here to Register.

    Juki TL2200QVP Product Brochure(.PDF)

    Juki TL2200QVP Longarm Sewing Machine Instruction Manual(.PDF)

    Juki TL-2200QVP Parts and Service Instruction Manual(.PDF)

    Juki TL2200QVP Instruction for Presser Foot Lift Installation(.PDF)

    Description & Specifications
    Sewing speed: Max. 2,200SPM Stitches Per Minuet
    Needle bar stroke: 35mm
    Lift of presser foot: 5.5mm
    Needle: GB, Organ or Schmetz 134R and equivalents.
    Lubricating oil: New Defrix Oil No.1, or any clear sewing machine oil.
    Dimensions of sewing machine: 22.2W x 46.0H x 73.0L (cm)
    Weight of sewing machine: 26 kg. 57 Pounds
    Rated power supply / Power consumption: 120V/140W 60Hz

    Please review our Freight LTL Shipping Policies Ships Ground Freight only.* For delivery please select options. "Lift Gate" which means a goods lifting platform installed at the rear of the delivery truck that facilitates the unloading of cargo from truck bed to the ground. Most shipments will require a lift gate, if there is not a loading dock, or fork lift available for delivery.

    Box 1 of 4: 636343171444
    Box 2 of 4: 636343171468
    Box 3 of 4: 636343171475
    Box 4 of 4: 636343171482
    Juki Tech Brian Debrick and National Educator Karen Pharr train AllBrands staff on QVP April 19, 2013

    Click here to access the Juki warranty registration form

    >Click here to access the Juki warranty registration formwebkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen>

    Attaching fabric to an Optional Grace Quilting Frame Video:
  • US Warranty 5 Years Mechanical, 2 Years Electrical, 90 Days Adjustments on defects in material or workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Click For Optional Extension Table Setup Manual

All the Information Below Applies Only to the upgrade TL2200QVP Frame Model, not to TL2200QVP-S Sit Down Model. Handles are not included and not needed for free motion quilting where you are moving the fabric under the needle.

Fabric Setup on the Juki TL-2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro Quilting Frame

Threading the TL-2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro

Setting the Thread Tension • TL-2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro

Winding the TL-2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro Bobbin

Right Needles and Bobbin for the TL-2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro
Included Accessories
Information Below Applies Only to TL2200QVP Optional Frame Model, not to TL2200QVP-S Sit Down Model on this page. Handles are not included and not needed for free motion quilting where you are moving the fabric under the needle. What looks like handles are used to hold the LED lights over the sewing area.

  • Laser Stylus mounted on front handles (or optional rear handles)
  • 3 Wire Safety Power Cord for 110V Plug In
  • Exclusive screwdriver A9110-700-000 for needle set screw, removing needle plate, etc
  • Screwdriver A9103-102-000 Flat Blade
  • Cleaning brush A9137-956-000
  • Aluminum M Bobbins (4pcs.) 5 Bobbins (1 in machine) D9117-141-E00
  • Oiler with Oil for Rotary Hook A9102-062-BA0
  • Needles (134R #18) 10 Needles Size 18, 134R (same as 135x5) MDP-5AAB110T
  • Spool cap for cylinder spools, when not using cones A1150-090-000
  • Thread stand components for quilting and bobbin thread supply
  • Needle Eye Guard Assembly components
  • Accessory Bag 229-32800
  • Instruction Manual Book 401-25781
  • Instruction Manual CD 401-25782
  • Needle Eye protection safety cover components
  • Presser bar lifting lever components
  • Thread guide pin
  • Masking seal

    Click HERE for Instruction Book on Juki TL2200QVP

    Part Numbers
    1)Jump foot →40125767
    3)Bobbin case→B1837201SA0
    5)needle tension and spring→22945356/22921605(spring)
    6)needle bar thread guide→40120712
    7)screw for needle→SS7080510TP

    Optional Rear Handles are $99.99. Optional 2' Extension Assembly to make the 10' Frame into a 12' Frame is $399.99, which can ship without any extra freight charge. We are adding these options to Recommended Accessories so they can be added to your order. Shipping on these optional accessories begins in May 2013.


    5 boxes, 4 optional frame and 1 for machine head
    Box contents Weight Length Width depth
    1 Optional Legs 64 lbs 45” 41” 6”
    2 Optional Frame 53 lbs 64” 26 ½” 5”
    3 Optional Rails 79 lbs 66” 17” 5”
    4 Optional Stitch regulator and carriage 22 lbs 32” 15” 14”
    TL2200qvp Machine head and accessories 60 lbs 33” 23” 11”

  • The reason why we have packed the Tl2200 QVP this way is for ease of assembly.
  • Most of the parts are already attached on the optional frame which will cut the assembly by half.
  • The legs come with the ratchets and feet attached and they are made with 2” steel tubing.
  • The L brackets are reversible so no or right.
  • The height needs to be determined and adjusted before assembly.
  • The optional frame as is can be set up in either a 10’ or 5’ size. With the 2’ extension rails which are extra, it can be set up as either a 7’ or 12’ size.
  • In the case of the TL98Q, Tl2000Qi or TL2010Q, the idler bar is removed and the hand wheel is moved to the idler rail position. The adjustable height mechanism is now used. A special carriage and regulator is available for these machines.
  • The ratchets are reversible and easily replacable with an Allen screw on the inside. You can tighten the fabric either with the ratchet lever on or off.
    Machine and carriage:
    The machine has to be laid on its back to attach the sewing machine wheels. Leave these screws lose to help align the sewing machine wheels better when put onto the carriage.
Other Images

icon Juki TL-2200QVP-S Sit Down Quilting Machine with Table and Stand, Optional extension wings left and right

icon Juki America Announces Sit Down Quilting Machine Release TL-2200QVP-S Shown with Optional Quilt Leaf

icon New Juki TL2200QVP-S Sit Down Quilter with Adjustable Height Metal Table, comes without extension wings.

icon Control Panel for Juki Sit Down TL2200QVP-S Free Motion Quilter.

icon What looks like handles is really only to hold the LED lights over the sewing area.

icon Juki TL2000QVP Side Mounted Front Hand Wheel and Independent Built-in Bobbin Winder on top of machine. Easily move the needle up or down with the included Needle Up/Down Button. Or, if the machine is off you can use the easy to reach hand wheel on the front of the machine allowing you to raise and lower the needle without having to turn on the machine or reach all the way around to the hand wheel on the back of the machine

icon Full 65" width with Optional 15" extension leaves on right and left of of 35" table .

icon Optional Extension Leaf 15" on Left of 35" table for overall 50" working width.

icon Optional Extension Leafs fold down without removing from 35" width table.

icon Juki TL2200QVP Main Shaft Hand Wheel with timing marks.

icon Juki TL2200QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro

icon TL2200 QVP/UL1-AD head and accessories TL-22CONTROLLER-SET foot control, stand screws and rubber 11157567 metal stand (legs) TL-22TABLE-SET wooden top and base SIT DOWN CONTROL KIT LCD, sure stitch, sure stitch power cord and light array

icon Box containing Additional parts Please note that inside stand Box 11157567 for QVP-S, there is a small box containing these additional parts.

icon In the box (TL-22controller-set) contains the foot control, table top screws and machine rubber feet. 10 x screw (M6xL20) 10 x washer (M8) 10 x spring washer (M8) These should be assembled as shown

icon These are used to assemble stand (legs)

icon TL-2200QVP-AA one complete machine and table

John, I will go ahead and call your 800 # and order the Juki. Thanks. It is 3 a.m here so I suppose 4 a.m. there - guess I need to wait a bit!! Sally Sally, Handi Quilter does not have the automatic or manual button thread trimmers as Juki QVP has. They also do not have direct drive from motor to shaft. Also not as large arm space. 18x8" vs 18x10" a difference of 25% more space for your Juki quilt roll up than HQ. These are the two major differences between Handi Quilter HQ and Juki QVP. Sally, the Juki has automatic and manual button thread trimmers, so you never have to pull up threads through the quilt when starting, moving to another spot, tying off, or changing threads. Juki also has a direct drive motor with no belts so there is never any belt slippage. Direct drive makes the machine more responsive and quieter, specifically the motor is built into the head on the main shaft and the lower shaft is turned by a gear, there is no belt. Juki QVP is worth waiting for. Sally, the no name quilting machine at is made by Tin Lizzie in China which we got rid of because of encoder and electronic problems. According to Tin Lizzie management, they will not even warranty the machine anymore because the "upgraded" electronics are not made by them, but by Eclipse who used to make the electronics for Tin Lizzie that we had so much trouble with. So you have to deal with three companies (machine,table, optional frame, electronics) who will blame each other for any problems you have. That will never happen with Juki. Juki is made in Japan without the electronic problems. We have had less repairs on Juki electronics, than any other brand including Janome and Brother. We repair all the brands. The optional Juki all metal frame is made in the USA with 8 wheel tracks and heavy duty platforms. The machine weighs 57 pounds which is considered lightweight as far as quilting machines are compared.
Make sure when you are using pre-wound sideless or cardboard bobbins that you take the no-backlash flat tension spring out from inside the bobbin case. Also make sure you are threading the bobbin through the pigtail spring on top of the bobbin case.

To change the thread tail the pre tension should be pretty loose. The threaded metal pin should be at least flush with the surrounding white plastic tension knob as you look at it. Also be sure to use genuine juki bobbins to guarantee the success of the trimmer. Yes also be sure to thread exactly as the book says. Oiling depends on use and humidity but oil often especially with a new machine. And be sure to remove bobbin case before oiling or you'll just oil the bobbin.