You don't even need to remove the rotary cutting blade from the cutter to get a sharp new edge

  • Sharpen your blade with a few easy strokes, using the same motion as cutting fabric.

  • Sharpens your blade without having to remove it from the cutter.

  • Sharp blades require less pressure to cut, giving you more precise cuts and less chance of slipping.

    Save money!
  • Purchase blades less often.

    Hands-off use
  • Non-slip feet keep the sharpener from moving while in use.

  • Sharpens most rotary blades. (All brands, most sizes!)

    Long Lasting
  • High quality sharpening stone.
  • In a few quick strokes, sharpen your dull blade without removing it from the cutter
  • With your fingers safely out of the way, sharpen your cutter blade extending its use and saving you money
  • Sharpens blades with just a few strokes
  • Non-skid bottom surface allows for safer sharpening while keeping hands clear of blade
  • Measures: 11-3/4" x 3-1/8" x 3/4" high
  • The sharpening stone is 11-3/4" long; approximately 1/4" square and can be turned to expose each of the (four) sides when one surface becomes worn (allen wrench included for turning stone)
  • Complete instructions included
  • Can be used for any rotary cutter brand name

    TrueCut Rotary Blade Sharpener: Sharpening 45mm Rotary blades

    TrueCut Rotary Blade Sharpener: Sharpening 60mm Rotary blades