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Get our best selling Sew Steady Large Table with a Travel Bag and Grid Glider!

Sew Steady Extension Table Features:
Made of high-quality acrylic, this Large 18" x 24" Table comes with the following features: Rounded front edge for comfort, use it as a light box and easy underneath storage, permanent inches & metric ruler printed on underside of table.

Travel Bag Features:
20" x 26" Large Travel Bag has an outer shell made of polyester, inner lining is made of nylon. Padded with foam insulation to protect table for travel or storage. Two secure carry handles for easy transport. Double zipper for easy loading. Luggage strap on back for travel. Front zippered outside pocket, and inner pocket.

Grid Glider Features:
12" x 20" Grid Glider is a removable polyester mat that creates a slick sewing surface. Micro suction technology secures to Table and sewing machine.

  • The Sew Steady table is built-to-order to fit your specific machine. Please allow 2-5 weeks before shipping and expect a delivery time of 5-7 days. It is well worth the wait!

    Which Table is Right For You? Video
Included Accessories
Bundle includes:

Sew Steady Large Portable Table;
Size: 18” x 24”
1/4" thick Plexiglas features smooth beveled edges
The extended work area makes sewing a joy
Portable and convenient; perfect for traveling to your next class
The see-through tabletop gives you easy access to the underside
Features smooth beveled edges, adjustable legs can be removed for easy transport and storage
Choose the table based on whether you want to use the table for sewing or for use with the embroidery attachments

Large Travel Bag:
Easy store your portable table inside of this bag
Take the bag with you anywhere
Features a polyester exterior and a nylon interior
Padded with foam insulation to protect table for travel or storage
Has two secure carry handles, a front zippered exterior pocket and interior pocket, double zipper for easy loading, and a detachable shoulder strap

Sew Steady Grid Glider:
Size: 12” x 20”
Removable polyester surface
Has a hole that's precut for feed dogs
The slick topside allows for easy fabric glide
Its micro-suction technology secures to sewing machine and extension table
It can be trimmed down with scissors
Clean it with warm water and air dry to revive
Basic instructions included
Additional Shipping Information:

Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery
Sew Steady tables cannot ship 2nd Day Air or Rush Delivery
All Sew Steady tables are made to order. We are asking you to provide the make and model number of your machine when placing an order. Sew Steady fits most, but not all, sewing machine brands.

Sew Steady tables are custom made to fit your machine and cannot be returned under any circumstance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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icon Sew Steady Table 3 for 1 Large Table 18x24", Large Travel Bag, Grid Glider

Sew Steady has 5 Extension Table Options Available:

1) Basic Extension Table Available in 6 Sizes

2) Deluxe Table Available in Large
Drawer Tray
Cling Centering Ruler
Circles Sewing Kit

3) Wish Table Package Available in 1 Size
Beveled Edges
Universal Grid
Table Lock
Large Drawer Tray

4) Ultimate Table Package Available in Large or Big
Universal Sew Straight Guide
Spinner Tray
Travel Bag
Polish Kit
Universal Grid
Table Lock

5) Deluxe-Ultimate Table Package Available in Large or Big
Includes (Both the Ultimate and Deluxe items combined except the Spinner Tray)
Drawer Tray
Cling Centering Ruler
Circles Sewing Kit
Universal Sew Straight Guide
Travel Bag
Polish Kit
Universal Grid
Table Lock

There are MANY THINGS to consider: the presser foot lifter, thread cutters, tension dials, thread guides and the thread take-up lever. Other things to consider may be the handle, any doors or covers that may open and close, the spool to needle thread path and any curves and angles etc. Some of these things may not apply to your brand of sewing machine.

Clean the mounting surface with soap and water. Let them dry thoroughly. Insert the light base into the mounting bracket before attaching it to the machine. Place the light bracket, release tab, at approximately a twelve and two o'clock position. If the machine is curved, get the MAJORITY of the adhesive attached. Being careful not to BEND or break the bracket. Peel the protective backing, from the adhesive and press firmly.

For best placement of the cord clips, run the cord along the BACK of the machine, above the presser foot lifter, keeping clear of the thread path, belts and motors etc

Which Sew Steady Acrylic Sewing Table is Right for Me?
Sew Steady has a helpful video below.

What is the best Bendable Bright Light placement location on my machine?
To choose the best placement on your sewing machine, please look at your machine carefully. Generally speaking, the best place to mount the light is on the LEFT end of the machine.

What is the best way to place my legs on my table?
When installing legs place a soft cotton towel on a firm surface. Lay table upside down upon it. Push the legs all of the way on.

Can I remove the legs from my table?
Yes, to remove the legs, just wiggle (do not twist) them back and forth gently pull them up and off. You must support the plexiglass. Never use a screw driver to remove the legs!

How soon will I receive my products?
The "Sew Steady Table" and cabinet inserts are custom made to order. Standard lead time is two to three weeks. Call Dream World Northwest (1-800-8DREAM1) to confirm or inquire about expedited shipping.

When will I see the charge on my credit card?
The credit card is charged the day your product ships. Transit time is 3 - 5 business days.

What are your shipping costs?
You can view an estimate of shipping costs by viewing your cart. Final shipping costs will be displayed on the Invoice.

How should I fit my new table to my machine?
Adjust the height of the table legs so that the top of the table is level with the top of the freearm.

What should I use to clean my table?
We recommend using Turtle Wax Paste ONLY. We have not tested other products. Use a soft micro fiber towel or soft cloth that does not have any fabric softener or anything that will leave residue and buff until the table is smooth. This works real well and will get the table nice and polished allowing the fabric to slide easily.

How come my table does not fit my machine?
Our tables / inserts are designed to give you a flat sewing surface.

When first putting our table on your machine, you start with the front left of the freearm. The table should be perfectly level with your freearm where your fabric is going to go from our table onto your freearm right where your needle is at. If this is not level, even 1/16 inch off, it will not fit the machine correctly.

Secondly, your machine may not be level. If you look closely you may see the machine is higher in the back than in the front. Our table can only be level in one place, so if the machine is not level, our table will fit differently on one side than the other. Our table is designed to fit over and around your machine in the back, once adjusted level in the front.

Unfortunately, when the machine is not level, we make the design that works the best while still allowing the fabric to move freely and evenly from the front to the back without sewing uphill or falling off the back and pulling on your needle.

For additional information on fitment with curved machines, click here(PDF)
Susan D-L, Pineville, NC
Such a great Mother's Day regard to price. Thanks so much..

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Table easy to assemble fits perfectly