PenBlade has won 2 Craft and Hobby Association Hot Product Awards. With its intuitive modern design, PenBlade Crafty & Hobby Knife is a durable and ergonomic tool that combines versatility with safety.
Slide the blade out with your thumb and retract with the push of a button. Then without exposing the blade use the patented trimming groove to trim thread yarn jute leather cord fishing line, and much more. PenBlade's #11A blade (Yellow) is specifically designed for most general purposes. With the large straight edge blade it is ideal to cut fabric felt vinyl rubber tape foam board, balsa wood worbla styrene and EVA foam. It can also effortlessly trim thread yarn ribbon. This unique multi-tool has countless uses and is ideal for many applications. PenBlade boasts surgical grade stainless steel for an accurate detailed reliable performance with every cut. Individual blister pack of 3 blades.