Increase any size form to realistically duplicate your posture, measurements, and shape even for future Fittings when losing or gaining weight

Fit Made Easy©
Duplicate your size and shape in a few easy steps.

Why Fabulous Fit®
  • Save time and avoid tedious fittings
  • Create your perfect outfit on the first try
  • Never go back to "cut & pray" again
  • Easily fit tops and bottoms
  • Save money, and avoid costly mistakes
  • Play with fabrics and patterns
  • Transform your dress form into many different body shapes
  • It works with every form, no matter what the style or age.

    17 contoured pads
    2 Body Covers (90% cotton)

Included Accessories
17 contoured pads
2 Body Covers (90% cotton)Included:
17 contoured pads
2 Body Covers (90% cotton)

Why are all the pads the same size even though I ordered different sizes?
The sizes of the Fitting Systems are determined by the size of the covers. All of the padding sets are the same…larger sizes will use all the pads, for example, and smaller sizes will use some of the pads.

Information and Tips from the Manufacturer:

For the first few times I recommend that you use the Fitting System at your own pace, especially if you are new to dress forms. It's extremely important for you to PLAY! This will give you a little time to discover the benefits and flexibility that the Patented Fitting System offers, plus new insights to techniques that will enhance your creativity.

TIP: I suggest that you slightly stretch each pad along the body of the form to smooth the silhouette.
You will receive a package with 13 molded contoured pads, two sets of filler pads, and two body covers with industry regulated seams.
The foam pads in your package are marked for their best positions. The pads are also interchangeable, and can be used in different areas of your form. The 5 large contoured pads are for shaping the lower body of the form.
Before you even start taking measurements, try something of your own on the form, then sit down and look through the instructions that come with your form.

TIP: Use the filler pads to give the long contoured pads more definition for each area.
A filler pad would work best placed under the middle section of the stomach pad.
For a high upper hip, place the filler pad higher, under the contoured pad. You will get a smoother upper hip.
Slightly stretch the pads against the body of the form while placing them under the first cover, (Side seam cover) to get a very natural shape.
Elizabeth C, Minneapolis MN
I must admit that I have yet to actually set up my dress form, but am very much looking forward to using the system I purchased. I have seen other successful setups, so have the utmost confidence in your products.

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Order: 2505778 I have purchased several items from Allbrands throughout the years and was always satisfied with the service while ordering online.

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Thank you for having this product. I looked on many sites to find them until I found you. I appreciate your services and your web site

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Had an issue with late shipment but after reaching out to customer service they were able to easily follow up and get more insight on my package. They ensured it arrived in time for my trip the next day so I was happy.

Hakeem G, Calumet City IL
I was very pleased with the pricing as well as the shipping time. A store that I went to that's an hour away from my house is affiliated with the items that I purchased. But the brand that they carry we're on backorder and would not be shipped out until May. I was very excited to know that my full body dress form will be delivered to me in just a few weeks, after ordering it online that same day. as well as my Fabulous Fit sizing kit.

Andrea, Vermont
I am very happy with my purchase and abosolutely recomend the "fabuous fit" system for anyone who sews clothing. This has made a huge differnce in sewing for myself and is very easy to use. I have always had great service from Allbrands and will continue to shop here. Thankyou

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thank you to the girls who process the online orders/payments for all their help to get my order through. I was extremely impressed with all their help. Keep up the great work.

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I am satisfied with my purchase.

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I am very pleased with the purchase I made. I found your presentation of the item to be clear, concise and I know what I was ordering. I am pleased with the fast service and overall experience of shopping with you.

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Excellent experience as always!

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Your website was very easy to use and the customer service was great when I had questions. I would definitely order from your website again.

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This was half the cost on other sites so I am very impressed.

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I did not get an order confirmation in my email. Apparently there was some confusion about my email address. Everything else was done in a timely manner and my order was shipped and I now have it. Thanks

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I am very pleased and happy with the purchase from AllBrands. My daughter has not had the opportunity to use the product yet though. I was very impressed by their quick shipment and delivery of the product- especially during the holiday rush. I would definitely do business with AllBrands again.

Happy Christmas, and thank you My package with the Fabulous Fit pads and cover for my dress form arrived, and I was able to modify my own form in order to drape and prepare a pattern for my Mother. I'll be making her a Vogue Wardrobe of top, pants, jacket and coat for spring/summer. The pads are wonderful, just the right conformation to allow a fine fit for me to do long distance fitting for my mother. She's 97, still active, and be pleasantly surprised with her new outfits. My sister, who lives with her, and I are 'conspiring' with your help to make her outfit. Thank you for your prompt shipment. I really appreciate the service, and the valuable new tool in my sewing 'quiver.' I can now make my dressform do multiple duty for many different body shapes. This is really wizard-wonderful. Thanks for all our great fitting new clothes from my whole family.

Debbie, Florida
Thank you for responding so quickly - you guys have amazing customer service!