• 166 pages
  • Detailed generic instructions along with illustrations covering 2/3 thread sergers to 5 thread sergers.
  • Teaches you how to make adjustments, replace parts, adjust timing, and more!

    "Serger Repair For The Home Sewer" is a book that is long overdue for anyone who owns a serger. Written in step by step instructional style, it takes the serger owner through problem/solution scenarios allowing them to fix problems that can cause a lot of frustration for those using the serger. Whether you have one of the one, two, three or four thread sergers this book will help keep your general repair costs to a minimum.

    The serger owner can now just look up the problem in this handy guide book and follow the instructions on how to fix it. YES, it's now as easy to fix your serger as picking up a book!!

    "Serger Repair For The Home Sewer" includes:
  • Step-by-step instructions on repairing the majority of problems that will arise.
  • No special tools are required.
  • How to save you $100's of dollars in repair bills.
  • What to look for first when a problem arises.
  • Tips on preventative maintenance that will keep your serger problem free.

    Your savings the first time you do your own serger repair will probably be 3 or 4 times the price of this book - and that's only the beginning!

    Don't pay out another dollar in serger repair charges! And if you have a newer serger, take the time to do the things that are listed in this book for preventative maintenance in order to keep your machine in smooth running order.

    "Serger Repair for the Home Sewer" contains 168 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, and is spiral bound so it will lay flat for easy viewing while you're working on your serger. Order your own serger repair book today!
Rebecca C, Hillsboro WV
I've bought three sewing machines from you in the past 12 years, and several smaller items, and you've been very helpful. A repair person spent a long time on the phone with me once, helping me solve a problem--that's so unusual, and wonderful. I wish I lived close enough to you to take advantage of your classes. I live in rural West Virginia, many hours drive from sewing machine shops, fabric stores, etc., and you are a life-saver for me!

Ellen, Washington
After spending days searching for books on sewing machine and/or serger repair, I became aware of what is out there, but it is difficult to find them in one place or at a reasonable price. I found both the books I was interested in at AllBrands.com and was pleased with the transaction.

Janet G, Charlottesville VA
I've ordered several times from Allbrands.com and have found that I was pleased with the results. Also, in the past, I found it necessary to email Allbrands about serger feet. Again, the response was swift and most helpful. In fact, a link was returned to me by email that lead me to the exact product I wanted. Thanks for the opportunity to tell you all that you do a GREAT job all around.