Seams Unlikely The Inspiring True Life Story of Nancy Zieman
So many sewing enthusiasts can say they learned how to sew a hem or zipper as a result of watching Sewing With Nancy®. Even Designs in Machine Embroidery Editor, Eileen Roche, remembers learning how to sew her first set of curtains for her home by watching Nancy's program!

So many memories, so many lives have been affected in a positive manner because of one woman!

For the first time ever, the host of North America's longest-running sewing show, Sewing With Nancy®, whose 40+ books have sold millions of copies, tells her life story.

Publisher: Nancy Zieman Productions

For the first time ever, Nancy Zieman shares her life story! The inspiring true-life story of Nancy Zieman. Host of the longest-running sewing show on television, Nancy takes readers behind the scenes of Sewing with Nancy and shares her heartaches and triumphs along the way. 300pp Softcover, published October 2013

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icon When we were asked recently if we wanted to review Nancy Zieman's new book…the answer was undoubtedly YES! Nancy Zieman….she is the queen of all things

icon Seams Unlikely, autobiography by Nancy Zieman. It ended up being a watershed day when I keyed “Nancy Zieman” into the Google search box.

icon Seams Unlikely autobiography by Nancy Zieman

icon Seams Unlikely autobiography by Nancy Zieman. 4-H played an important part of my life. That's me