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Straightforward and affordable access to the fascinating world of serging, on all types of fabric.

2 to 4 Thread Serging
15 Stitch Variations, including Overlock, Flatlock, Rolled Hem
Bernina Lay-in Threading System, with Automatic Lower-looper Threading
Differential Feed
Sewing Speeds up to 1,500 spm

BERNINA 800DL The high-performance serger: versatile and robust.
  • Upper-looper converter
  • Differential-feed and stitch-length controls
  • Adjustable thread tension
  • Professional knife drive from above
  • Rolled-hem lever

    Upper-looper converter for serging with two threads
    The BERNINA 800DL helps you save thread: The practical upper-looper converter lets you serge individual layers of fabric with just two threads, thereby reducing thread consumption. What’s more, you needn’t always use three threads at the same time when sewing decorative rolled hems – with the BERNINA 800DL, adjusting the stitch pattern precisely to you wishes and needs is simplicity itself.

    Differential-feed and stitch-length controls
    The BERNINA 800DL offers easy access to the differential-feed and stitch-length controls, which allow you to adjust the settings with the turn of a knob. Especially useful is the 800 DL’s differential feed system, which effectively prevents unintentional waving or puckering in knits: a control dial lets you adjust the feed to the material of your project so precisely that you’ll always produce smooth, impeccable seams, even when serging very lightweight, delicate fabrics that are quite tricky to work with. The BERNINA 800DL’s differential feed can also be used to deliberately gather seams, providing you with an exceptionally effective creative technique – the degree of gathering is easily determined via the control dial.

    Adjustable thread tension
    With the BERNINA 800DL, thread tension is adjusted via slide controls which not only afford you immediate access to the thread tension but also show you at a glance the current thread tension for each thread – letting you quickly correct settings and adjust them to your material. This direct control over the thread tension makes for a precise stitch pattern and hassle-free serging with all common types of fabric – with the BERNINA 800DL, even beginners soon have the thread tension under control.

    Professional knife drive from above
    The BERNINA 800DL boasts an especially strong cutting system that’s driven from above, and which stands out due to its exceptional strength and cutting power. This professional tool slices its way even through thick layers of fabric and heavy materials with unshakable precision, allowing top-quality, accurate serging – sewing, cutting and neatening in a single operation. This singles the 800 DL out as one of the most powerful sergers in the compact class and delivers an outstanding price/performance ratio, since the cutting system meets the highest demands for reliability and resilience.

    “Quick-switch” rolled-hem lever
    The BERNINA 800DL lets you switch to a rolled-hem stitch instantly: simply shift the rolled-hem lever located next to the feed-dog and you’re good to go. Deactivating the rolled-hem stitch again is just as easy, with no need to change the presser foot or stitch plate – a thoroughly practical, timesaving detail of the 800DL which helps to avoid interruptions and allows you to switch with exemplary speed between stitch patterns.

    “Lay-in” threading system
    The BERNINA 800DL is equipped with a “lay-in” threading system that reduces the time spent changing thread to a minimum. Thanks to the 800DL’s ease of operation, thread change is no longer the tricky affair it once was, but can now be accomplished with a minimum of effort. The lower-looper threading system of the BERNINA 800DL ensures that the lower-looper thread is where it belongs in no time flat. This practical feature makes the 800DL one of the most ergonomic machines of its class, and lets you get back quickly to the creative part of your sewing project after changing thread.
  • US Warranty 25 years head, 5 years electronics, 1 years labor
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Instruction Manual for Bernina 800DL and 700D Sergers

Solid performance at an affordable price.

The 800DL offers quality features at an affordable price. From threading to stitching, you can count on a quality finish, without compromise.

Supply Limited

  • 15 Stitch variations
    - 7 Overlock stitches (2 threads)
    - 8 Overlock stitches (4/3 threads)
  • Rolled hems at the flick of a lever
  • Simplified Lay-In threading
  • Adjustable stitch length while sewing
  • Adjustable differential feed while sewing
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Professional upper knife drive for added cutting power
  • 1500 stitches per minute

    BERNINA Presser Foot included: 1
  • Standard/Overlock Foot

    Height: 11.41"
    Width: 11.41"
    Length: 12.40"
    Weight: 15.42 lbs.

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Included Accessories
1. Electronic foot control
2. Spool caps
3. Tweezers
4. Cleaning brush/Needle inserter
5. Nets
6. Needle set 130/705
7. Small screwdriver
8. Oiler
9. Accessory bag
10. Dust cover