• No USB port, has Brother card port and floppy disc port. electronic parts NLA

  • Extra Spool Pin Designed for Specialty Threads and Metalics
  • Redesigned "J" Foot with Presser Foot Leveling Button for improved feeding of thick fabrics such as denim seams
  • Needle Plate Inch Measurements
  • Finer Density for Eyelet
  • Snap-On Sidecutter! Turn your machine into a serger by cutting as you sew!
  • Stitches are marked with "S" to indicate whether the sidecutter can be used
  • Lock Key for the Sewing Mode to prevent unwanted changes to settings before you are finished sewing
  • Improved Quiet Design for Embroidery Unit
  • Embroider with the Foot Control plugged in
  • Enter 4 Digit Thread Numbers to accommodate other thread manufacturers
  • Two customized thread numbering sets for the brands you use
  • Shows sections of your embroidery as it is sewn
  • Stitch Counter Feature - see how much you sew!
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • The Brother ULT- has a huge range of wonderful built-in embroidery patterns. Each design may be stitched individually, in combination with designs from the Brother Embroidery Memory Card Library, or with your own designs. The LCD screen gives all the information you need about motif sizes, order of color changes, stitch count, bobbin thread monitoring and time elapsed in embroidery, at a glance. With the hoop area, grid lines and center cross hairs displayed on the screen, and the capability to design on-screen, alterations to patterns are simple?including moving position. Patterns can be rotated in one-degree increments, which are displayed on the screen, reversed, reduced or enlarged (to between 90% and 120% of original size). Motifs may be combined to create even more original designs. Once you have finished stitching your creation, the design can be saved either in the ULT- built-in memory, or on a floppy disk, for later use.

  • The Ultimate Full-Color LCD Touch Screen
    The ULT uses its generous 192mm x 72mm (nearly 8" x 3") LCD touch screen, which can display in 4,096 colors, to give a 3D preview of your embroidery design. You can visualize the color and texture of the finished embroidery before stitiching your creation

  • The Ultimate Embroidery Multimedia Capabilities
    Offers unbelievable flexibility in creating, editing and storing designs. Take advantage of the extensive Brother Memory Card Library. Features a convenient built-in memory card slot. Download and use patterns in Tajima and PES formats. Features a built-in floppy disk drive, which can be used to save your own customized embroidery patterns. Just imagine being able to create a library of your own designs! Optional Brother PE-DESIGN software allows you to create your own designs on a computer. Patterns can be saved either to floppy disks or blank memory cards, putting a world of creativity at your fingertips.

  • Utility Stitches
    Simply pressing a key allows you to select between 107 utility stitches, ranging from straight (applique, blanket) stitch to quilting and heirloom stitches. The ULT utility sewing category also includes fifteen creative, easy-to-use, one-step buttonhole styles. The machine also features eight-directional straight stitch fabric feed and four-directional zigzag feed.

  • Character/ Decorative Stitching
    Create your own combinations of characters and decorative stitch patterns from the wide selection of available designs. Stitch patterns can all be reversed in both vertical and horizontal directions, size-adjusted, and manipulated. Satin stitches can have their thread density altered, either to make them more compact or rougher. All changes and adjustments to built-in stitches can be saved for use on future projects.

  • On-Screen Editing and Design Creation
    The LCD screen provides all the information you need for precise editing of design size, color-change sequence, stitch count, bobbin thread monitoring and elapsed embroidery time. Alter your designs on screen with our grid-line hoop display. Move patterns, rotate in 1-degree increments, reverse, reduce or enlarge design size (except Dsiney Patterns). Easily combine two or more of the hundreds of built-in patterns and save the combinations for later use in built-in memory or on floppy disk.

  • Customized Settings
    A truly unique machine, the Pacesetter ULT lets you customize your machine settings to suit your needs. Adjust the display brightness, change the setting for the needle stop position and more. Select your desired 4-digit thread color numbers from a wide collection of embroidery threads. All colors specified with the optional PE-Design Version 5/6/7 digitizing software can be replicated on the LCD display. No limitations on the ULT You can also choose to display machine instructions in one built-in language selections.

  • The Ultimate Instruction/Operation Guide
    The ULT features a built-in operating guide that displays illustrated step-by-step video and text instructions. Simply touch the sewing machine icon on the color LCD touch screen to see a video presentation explaining the functions of your machine! The operating guide can be stopped at your convenience using the PAUSE function.

  • The Ultimate Embroidery Area
    The ULT- can embroider a huge 260mm x 160mm (approx. 10-1/4" by 6-1/4") continuous design without the need for re-hooping. Your fabric is simply inserted into the ULT slide-on embroidery hoop (no screws). A single hoop is enough to embroider the back of a jacket.

  • The Ultimate Embroidery Speed
    This fantastic machine embroiders up to a maximum speed of 800 spm. Designs appear like magic!

  • 10 Frame Shapes in 12 Kinds of Stitches - 120 Variations
    120 different combinations of frame patterns in 10 great shapes and 12 border/outline stitches

  • 11 Built-in Monogram Fonts
    11 size-adjustable built-in lettering fonts give originality to all your projects.

  • 68 Built-in Winnie the Pooh & Friends Designs
    Choose from a total of 68 wonderful patterns from the ever popular Winnie the Pooh & Friends. Use them in any setting you can think of, from interior decor to clothing. Simple operation leading to professional results-see for yourself!

  • 71 Built-in Motif Embroidery Patterns
    A range of 71 single motif built-in patterns from flowers to fruits to kitchen utensils etc.

  • 95 Built-in Mickey & Friends Designs
    There is a total of 95 built-in Mickey Mouse & Friends patterns contained in the pattern library. Everything from single motifs to combinations of characters allows you to create a unique Disney story.

  • Automatic Needle Threader
    Simply pull the lever down to see the upper thread pass through the needle quickly and securely

  • Automatic thread tension
    Automatic thread tension computer adjusts the thread tension for a perfect stitch result on any fabric or combination

  • Bobbin Winding Capabilities
    The convenient bobbin-winder can be used to wind a bobbin even while embroidering. A great time-saving function!

  • Floral Alphabet
    12.6cm (5") high alphabet letters with small flowers, ideal for embellishing towels and sheets.

  • Free Arm Sewing
    Removing the accessory case easily converts to a free-arm machine for sewing sleeves, pant legs or other cylindrical items.

  • One-step Buttonhole Sewing
    With fully automatic buttonhole sewing, you can choose the pattern to match the design. Just set your bobbin in the convenient auto-size section of the buttonhole foot and accurate buttonholes are created in one easy step. Ten types of buttonholes that correspond to a variety of fabric thicknesses and applications are available.(15 Styles)

  • Presser Foot Dial
    Adjusts the pressure applied by the presser foot for smooth feeding from lightweight to heavyweight fabrics.

  • Quick-Set Bobbin
    Using the Quick-Set bobbin you simply drop in a full bobbin and be ready to sew immediately

  • Start/Stop and Reverse Buttons
    Convenietly located on the front of the machine.

  • 8-way Straight Stitch Feed and 4 Way ZIG-ZAG Stitch Feed
    8-way straight stitch fabric feed and 4 wayzig-zag stitch feed for sewing pockets, lapels, pant legs and quilting.

  • Take advantage of the extensive Brother Memory Card Library plus 100's of compatible cards. The ULT- features a convenient built-in memory card slot. Download and use patterns in Tajima Format.

  • The ULT features a built-in floppy disk drive, which can be used to save your own customized embroidery patterns. Just imagine being able to create a library of your own designs!

  • The ULT- also features enough built-in memory to save your most current designs.

Included Accessories
  • Embroidery Hoops
    Packed in are four hoop sizes:
    Large (260mm x 160mm/approx. 10 ¼" by 6 ¼")
    Medium Plus (180mm x 130mm/approx. 7" x 5")
    Medium (100mm x 100mm/approx. 4" x 4")
    Small (20mm x 60mm/approx. 1" x 2 ½")
    The smallest one can be used on cuffs, collars or pockets. These hoops are all equipped with our slide-on technology for even simpler hooping and embroidery

  • Knee Lifter
    The easy to install knee lifter changes your machine in seconds to a comfortable machine for quilting, free motion embroidery, or whatever you are sewing that requires an extra hand for fabric manipulation.

  • Accessory Compartment
    Neatly hides all the included accessories.
    J General Purpose Foot
    N Decorative Stitch Foot
    I Snap-on Zipper Foot
    A One-step Buttonhole Foot
    M Sew-on Button Foot
    R Blindhem Foot
    G Overlock Foot
    Q Embroidery foot
    Seam Ripper
    Spool caps
    Extra Spool Pin
    Small Screw Driver

  • Embroidery Unit Carrying Case
    This can hold the embroidery unit, hoops, Brother embroidery thread, and bobbin thread.

  • Presser Foot for Quilting
    This foot is designed for free-motion quilting as well as embroidering.

  • Walking Foot
    Ensures uniform material feed when sewing multiple layers of fabric.

  • Side Cutter Attachment
    Cuts the fabric while the machine stitches.

Other Images

icon Babylock Ellegante BLG2 (Brother ULT2002) Trade In 107Stitch Sewing 6x10 Embroidery Machine, Card & Disk Drives, 11Fonts, Hoops, 90 Day Labor Warranty

icon Full-color LCD Touch Screen

icon On-Screen Editing and Design Creation

icon Embroidery Area

icon Embroidery Speed

icon Utility Stitches

icon Quick-Set Bobbin

icon On-screen Instructions

icon Customized Settings

icon The Ultimate Embroidery Multimedia Capabilities

icon Character/Decorative Stitching

icon Start/Stop and Reverse Buttons

icon Presser Foot Dial

icon Automatic thread tension

icon Free Arm Sewing

icon Bobbin Winding Capabilities

icon Automatic Needle Threader

icon One-step Buttonhole Sewing

icon 8-way Straight Stitch Feed and 4 Way ZIG-ZAG Stitch Feed

icon Floral Alphabet

icon 71 Built-in Motif Embroidery Patterns

icon 11 Built-in Monogram Fonts

icon 10 Frame Shapes in 12 Kinds of Stitches - 120 Variations

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