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You Should Expect to Discover
  • An Industry First Industry-Changing feature like nothing you’ve seen before
  • Fastest, quietest, smartest, biggest, and brightest machine to date!
  • Plus Even more on Screen Design Center Capabilities, all without the use of a computer
  • Plus the Largest workspace and embroidery area in the industry
  • A Disney Design Capable Machine
  • Premium 25/6/2 Warranty

    With technology that borders on magic, the arrival of the Luminaire Innov-ís XP1 redefines excellence in the sewing and embroidery world. Featuring state-of-the-art StitchVision Technology, the Luminaire brilliantly empowers your creativity through the innovative use of beaming light. Experience true luxury with our largest workspace and largest embroidery area ever offered, coupled with a revolutionary collection of capabilities to help you achieve perfection in every stitch.

    Revolutionary StitchVision Technology
    • Clearly preview stitches and embroidery designs directly on your fabric with this intelligent projection system. This widely utilized projection technology grants you the capability to preview, audition and edit your designs and stitches in a 5" x 3" virtual preview area.

    Guideline and grid markers
    • Use the StitchVision Technology to project a guideline marker line and a guideline marker grid on your fabric, offering you the option of single, double, angled, or grid lines to light your path with precision. This technology projects a full grid of bright and adjustable guidelines for use when creating multiple rows of stitches, parallel stitching, pin tucks, hems, curtain rod pockets, decorative stitches, cross hatch quilting, or smocking.

    Large 10 5/8" x 16" embroidery area
    • Largest and most advanced embroidery frame that Brother has ever offered. Create larger-than-life embroidery with ease. Frame includes rubber plates on both sides for a superior grip on fabric, while an ergonomic spring lever release enables easier, clamp-free hooping. Additional frames include 4" x 4", 5" x 7" and 9.5" x 9.5" sizes.

    65 square inches of workspace – 13.1" needle to arm
    • Handle virtually any project with ease on 65 square inches of workspace. A generous needle to arm distance of 13.1" is our largest ever, providing the capability to fully accommodate a rolled king-sized quilt!

    Built-in embroidery pointer
    • Displaying a ‘T’ mark in three different colors, the pointer can show the center of your embroidery design as well as the needle drop position on the fabric.

    Large 10.1" built-in high-definition LCD display with capacitive technology
    • View your creations in crisp, vivid color and navigate easily with the scrolling menu and large, intuitive icons. 16.7+ million possible colors and an adjustment feature that allows you to change the brightness of the screen. The intuitive touch screen works like a tablet with familiar sliding, swiping, scrolling, and pinch-to-zoom for viewing detailed steps, categories, and designs.

    One action needle plate
    • Allows for needle plate changes without the use of a screwdriver, saving you time and effort for a seamless sewing experience.

    Echo quilting
    • Surround any embroidery with beautiful echo stitches. The echo designs follow the contour of the original embroidery and expand outwards, with adjustable spacing to help you customize your designs down to the last detail.

    Expandable library of built-in tutorials
    • View over 30 enhanced tutorial videos directly on the high-definition LCD display (version 1.2) – with everything from basic operations to embroidery functions. The included HD tutorials make learning easy!
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
Luminaire Innovis XP1 Brochure

Embroidery Sewn Samples and New Built In Embroidery Designs

Playlist of 8 Videos Introducing the All New Luminaire XP1 Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Machine by Brother. Starting with Luminaire XP1 Overview:

Enhanced My Design Center Video

Stitchvision Technology and Dual Purpose Stylus Video

Large 10.1” Capacitive Touch Screen LCD Display and Onscreen Editing Video

Echo Quilting Video

New Built in Designs and Decorative Stitches Video

Buttonhole Size Detection with InnovEye Plus Technology Video

Fast and Easy Bobbin Changes and Needle Threading Video

See Brother XP1 Videos on AllBrands You Tube Channel

See more videos on the new Brother XP1 Luminaire and Babylock Solaris starting August 6, 2018

Brother Support XP1 Luminaire.

Basic Features
  • Accessory Storage Yes
  • Additional Specialty Feet Available Yes
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure Yes
  • Adjustable Screen Brightness Yes
  • Automatic Thread Cutter Yes
  • Branded Series Disney
  • Built-in Languages Yes
  • Built-In Memory Yes
  • Display Type LCD
  • Feed Dog Points 7
  • Included Accessory Feet 1/4 Inch Foot, Button Fitting Foot, Zipper Foot, Overcasting Foot, Blindstich Foot, Monogramming Foot, Zigzag Foot, Embroidery Foot, Free-Motion Quilting Foot
  • LCD Display Size (W" x H") 5.3" x 8.5"
  • Memory Card Reader Yes
  • Needle Position Key (Up/Down) Yes
  • Needle Threading System Automatic
  • Presser Foot Leveling Yes
  • Quick Set Bobbin Yes
  • Realistic Preview Yes
  • Screensaver Yes
  • Specialty Feet Included Yes
  • Start/Stop Button Yes
  • Stitch Selector Type Touch Panel
  • Thread Sensor Bobbin Sensor, Upper Thread Sensor
  • Thread Sensor On/Off Yes
  • UL/CSA Listed Yes
  • Wide Table Included No
  • Workspace Area 5" x 13.1"

  • Unit Dimensions (W" x D" x H") 12.7" x 27.2" x 13.8"
  • Unit Weight (lbs) 43.21
  • Carton Width24.606"
  • Carton Height28.74"
  • Carton Length35.236"
  • Carton Weight87.303 lbs

  • Adjustable Design Icon Size Setting Yes
  • Adjustable Embroidery Speed Settings Yes
  • Appliqué Creator Function Yes
  • Automatic Feed Thread Cutting Yes
  • Built-In Border Function Yes
  • Built-In Designs 1157
  • Built-in Embroidery Designs featuring Disney/Pixar Characters 192
  • Built-in Embroidery Lettering Alphabet Fonts 24
  • Color Shuffling Function Yes
  • Computer Connectivity Yes
  • Curved Text on Screen Editing Yes
  • Drag and Drop Editing Yes
  • Embroidery Position Marker Yes
  • Frame Designs - Shapes 10
  • Frame Designs - Stiches 14
  • Included Embroidery Hoops 4" x 4", 5" x 7"
  • InnovEye Technology Yes
  • Maximum Embroidery Speed (spm) 1050
  • My Custom Design Feature Yes
  • Onscreen Automatic Density Adjustment Yes
  • On-Screen Editing Yes
  • On-Screen Help Yes
  • Pattern Rotating Increments 0.1 Degree, 1 Degree, 10 Degrees, 90 Degrees
  • Print and Stitch Technology Yes
  • Programmable Monochrome Embroidery Yes
  • Resume Function Yes
  • Sewing Decorative Stitches with Embroidery Arm Attached Yes
  • Space Reduction among Embroidery Alphabets Yes
  • Speed Adjustment Yes
  • Thread Anchor Yes
  • Thread Wiper Yes
  • Trial Position/Layout Function Yes

  • Built-In Quilting Stitches Yes
  • Built-in Sewing Lettering Fonts 3
  • Drop-Feed Automatic
  • Free Motion Quilting Foot Yes
  • Included Quilting Feet Yes

  • Automatic Height Adjustment (AHA) Yes
  • Back to Beginning Key Yes
  • Built-In Stitch Selections (Stitches) 821
  • Button Hole Styles 15
  • Independent Bobbin Winding Motor Yes
  • Knee Lifter Yes
  • Maximum Sewing Speed (Stitches Per Minute) 1050
  • Media Type USB Yes
  • My Custom Stitch Feature Yes
  • Pivot Function Yes
  • Reinforcement/reverse Stitches Yes
  • Sideways Sewing Yes
  • Speed Control Yes
  • Stitch Length (mm) 5
  • Stitch Width (mm) 7

    The newest update 1.24 is available for the XP1. This is version 1.24 and it is now on Brother Support. Please make sure you update your XP1. This is is a link to download the updateThis software update will provide the following changes.

    Version 1.24

    Ÿ Improved machine's functionality for the following features.

    § Calibration function for the built-in camera

    § Projector function to display the embroidery pattern onto the fabric

    § Scanning function using the border frame

    Version 1.23

    Ÿ Improved so that the next color moves to the top on the embroidery color odder display
    when progressing through to the next color change during embroidery process.

    Ÿ Improved so that the pattern thumbnails in the machine's memory are displayed in order
    of the last pattern saved is first one displayed when retrieving a pattern.

    Ÿ The point-like indicator with the W foot can be used with a 'T' or a dot as its shape.
    The type of pointer shape can be selected in the settings screen.

    Ÿ Improved machine's functionality for the following feature.

    § Pattern connecting function using the built-in camera

    § Resume function

    § Dual purpose stylus function

    § Background image scanning function

    § Projector function

    § Memorizing the setting of embroidery tension

    § Initializing the needle position

    Ÿ Revised the built-in operation manual

    Free Update Firmware Version 1.2 Download for New Brother Innovis XP1 Lumianire (August 23, 2018) Version 1.20 Software Update Now Available for the Luminaire Innov-ís XP1. We would like to inform you we have released a software update version 1.20 for the Luminaire Innov-ís XP1 on Brother Solutions Center. Updating your Luminaire with this software enables enhanced features including built-in videos. Please visit the Brother Solutions Center to view/download the update. Once at the site, select your Operating System. The software update will provide the following changes:
  • Stitch or Embroidery data can be selected and brought in from USB, CD or DVD drive connected to the machine
  • The USB embroidery card reader will become available
  • Improved functionality of the Operation Manual such as the ability to search the manual
  • Added Tutorial Videos. To use this function, it is necessary to install the "Tutorial Video Data" on the machine in addition to the software update. Please install the update 1.20 first, then install the Tutorial Video Data.
  • Improved LCD display response
  • Enhanced capability for the Luminaire to recognize thread colors in purchased patterns
  • Sandisk USB keys are recommended over any other brand for updating Brother machines.
Included Accessories
• 4 Embroidery Frame Sets
• Embroidery Foot
• Zigzag Foot
• Monogramming Foot
• Overcasting Foot
• Zipper Foot
• Camera Detecting Buttonhole Foot
• Blind Stitch Foot
• Button Fitting Foot
• Dual Feed (Digital Dual Feed) Foot
• Straight Stitch Foot
• Free-Motion Quilting Foot
• Free-Motion Echo Quilting Foot
• Free-Motion Open Toe Quilting Foot
• 1/4 Inch Quilting Foot (Piecing Foot)
• Straight Stitch Needle Plate
• Large Accessory Case
• Dual King Spool Thread Stand
• Adjustable Presser Foot Knee Lever
• Grid Sheet Set
• ScanImation Scanning Frame
• Embroidery Needle Plate Cover
• Dual Purpose Stylus
• Additional Accessories Included in Box
Other Images

icon BONUS Included: LUMINAIRE INNOV-ÍS XP1 ROLLING BAG SET Two-piece rolling bag set with 360-degree wheels and a telescopic handle Embroidery arm bag safely stores the machine’s arm when not in use Zippered compartments to hold embroidery hoops, notions and other supplies Soft-sided accessory bag and dust cover are also included(SASEBXP1), PEDesign 11, 2500 Designs on USB, Stabilizer, and Thread Kit.

icon Brother XP1 Luminaire Sewing Embroidery Quilting Machine

icon DUAL KING SPOOL THREAD STAND Open the top cover to easily attach the included magnetic Dual King Spool Thread Stand. This space saving innovative stand helps ensure proper thread delivery as well as prevent broken stitches and uneven tension.








icon FOUR HOOPS, INCLUDING BROTHER'S LARGEST HOOP TO DATE Embroider monograms and other small designs with the 4" x 4" hoop. Use the 5" x 7" hoop for clothing embellishment or choose the 9.5" x 9.5" hoop for quilts and jacket backs. Accommodate your largest designs on the 10 5/8" x 16” hoop – our largest hoop to date. 14 DIFFERENT SEWING & EMBROIDERY FEET Choose from a wide array of feet, including a free-motion quilting "C" foot, a free-motion echo quilting "E" foot and a 1/4" piecing foot for effortless quilting. Plus, the included industry-first camera detecting buttonhole foot will automatically detect which size button hole you need. STRAIGHT STITCH NEEDLE PLATE Easily and quickly switch your needle plate for sewing or quilting with a simple press of a lever – no screwdriver needed. ACCESSORY CASE Designed to fit within the arm of the large 13.1" needle-to-arm workspace, the accessory case will allow you to keep all your tools neatly organized and out of your way when not in use. DUAL KING SPOOL THREAD STAND Open the top cover to easily attach the included magnetic Dual King Spool Thread Stand. This space saving innovative spool thread stand helps ensure proper thread delivery as well as help prevent broken and distorted stitches and uneven tension. ADJUSTABLE PRESSER FOOT KNEE LIFTER Adjust the lever in three angles for ideal sewing position. Adjust the presser foot in four different heights.





icon Optional DIME Snap Hoop Monster SH00A11M Magnetic Frames 10.5in X 16in Continuous Embroidery with XP1 on cork fabric and built in design.

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