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64.99 USD = 89.42 CAD
1.0000000000 USD = 1.3758400000 CAD
These prices are approximate. Actual rates will be reflected by your bank or credit card company.

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How to Use the Currency Converter

The Currency Converter is provided to of all our international customers for easy, quick conversion to the most popular international currencies around the world. Our rates are updated periodically, and may not reflect day-to-day fluctuations in currency rates.

If you arrived to this page from an AllBrands product, then the current price should already be entered in the box for amount conversion. If not, simply type in the amount you wish to convert (in USD - US Dollars). You may type in numbers and a decimal point as needed. Next, select the destination currency using the scrolling selection box.

If a currency is being phased out or obsolete, it will be denoted by an asterisk(*). When you are finished, click the "Perform Currency Conversion" button, and conversion results will be displayed under the AllBrands logo along with the current conversion rate.

For ease of use, the top nine currencies are sorted by popularity at the top of the list. Next comes a list of other available currencies sorted by currency name.