Common Reasons for Vacuum Cleaners to Malfunction

Not picking up dirt properly
1) Belt broken, brush roll not turning
2) Intake tube clogged
3) Impeller fan broken or chipped
4) Bag full, reducing airflow
5) Brush roll bristles worn out
6) Hepa Filter stopped up

Brush Roll not turning
1) Broken belt
2) Belt slipped off
3) Hair or string caught

Does not turn on
1) On/off switch burned out
2) Motor burned up
3) Faulty cord
4) Dead receptacle in wall

Blowing dust out when turned on
1) Bag full
2) Bag dock does not have a proper seal
3) Exhausts filter needs replaced or is missing
4) Poor filtration vacuum
5) Wrong Inner Bag

Hard to push
1) Vacuum is heavy
2) Wheels on bottom need to be replaced
3) Carpet is to long or to deep pile
4) Height adjustment to low
5) Switch directions, maybe going against the grain of the carpet
6) Brush roll may not be turning

Scratches hard surfaces
1) Brush roll turning or turning to many RPMs
2) Glide bar on bottom of vacuum is scratched, transferring scratches
3) Wheels on bottom not soft enough and could be transferring scratches
4) Not the proper vacuum for your needs

Vacuum makes loud noises when turned on
1) Impeller fan broken or missing blades
2) Paper clip or money caught in impeller fan
3) Belt worn or slipping
4) Bearing going out in brush roll or motor
5) Restricted air flow (clog)

Refer to your Operation Manual for specific problems that may be limited to Brand of Vacuum