Madeira Cotona No. 80 is the world's best cotton embroidery thread. Cotona No. 80 has all the features of Cotona No. 30 in a finer weight. It is widely used for heirloom sewing, monogramming, lace and bobbin work. Fine yet strong, use this sturdy thread for intricate creations that will last for generations.

A typical embroidery design contains 6,000 stitches. This means each 220 yard/200 m Smart Spool with its 40,000 stitches per spool will produce 40 designs on average. That's plenty of thread for most home embroiderers. In fact, with the Smart Spool size, you can afford to buy thread more often and experiment with new colors and textures. Madeira's more traditional spool shape eliminates the "drop off" and tangling problems associated with the elongated spools many other manufacturers use. And, all Madeira spools come with double locking end caps to keep thread neat and tidy.
  • Ideal for quilting and embroidery
  • 80 Weight
  • 220 yards (200 meters)