Do you love stitching ‘in the hoop’ designs? Do you need help getting a nice crisp professional looking finished item?
Our new Press In A Hoop Pads can help!

As you stitch ‘in the hoop’ designs, there are times you need to work on the backside of the hoop. Sometimes fabrics are placed on the back side and need to be taped or folded over after being stitched in place.

When taping on the back side, it’s difficult to be able to put pressure on tape to adhere it to the stabilizer without disturbing it. Throughout a project you want you stabilizer to remain flat and tight in the hoop. Using the Press In The Hoop Pad solves the problem by giving you support under your project so you can apply pressure to tape to adhere it well.

During the steps of an ‘in the hoop’ design, fabrics may need to be fold over and taped in place. To get a really professional looking project in the end, ironing the folded over piece before taping it down is very important. With the pressing pad you can actually iron on the back side of the hoop! With the pad under the hoop, it allows the weight of an iron to be supported without disturbing your stabilizer or other fabrics.

The pads have non-slip material on the back side preventing any sliding or shifting of the hoop while you’re working. There is an inner moisture barrier and a wool pressing surface on the top.

How to use our Press In A Hoop Pad
When you are working on the back of the hoop, place your hoop right side down over the wool side of the pressing pad.
The pad will supply support as you work on the back side to fold or manipulate fabrics, tape fabrics and most importantly to press fabrics with an iron to create fabulous projects! The non-slip surface on the bottom of the pad holds it securely while you are working. Pressing ‘in the hoop’ creates crisp folds and seams allowing main fabrics and lining to lay beautifully while not disturbing the stabilizer.

These Press In A Hoop Pads work with Brother and Baby Lock hoops only.
This page is to order the Press In A Hoop Pad for 5×7, 6×10 or 8×12 Brother / Baby Lock hoops. Use the drop down menu to select the size you want. If ordering more than 1 set of Press In A Hoop Pads, please email us first as additional shipping may be required.

These press pads are in high demand. Stock is limited but more pads will be arriving soon.

Press In A Hoop Pads work with the following hoops:
  • Brother 5×7 Hoop SA439 or Baby Lock 5×7 Hoop EF75
  • Brother 6×10 Hoop SA441 or Baby Lock 6×10 Hoop EF81
  • Brother 8×12 Hoop SA447 or Baby Lock 8×12 Hoop EF92

    It is your responsibility to know your machine and the hoops that work with it.
Other Images

icon Set embroidery hoop over wool side of Press In a Hoop

icon Non-Slip material is on the back side of the pad

icon Hoop is placed over the Press In A Hoop Pad. Stabilizer and fabrics would be in your hoop as you are working on your project