Welcome to my classes on PE-Design software. We will have fun and you will learn a lot!

Working with images
Learn how to take images, such as drawings or photos, and convert them to stitched out designs. This class covers using the Auto design tools in Layout and Editing as well as the Design Center. Those who have the Design Center features built into their machines will find this class useful to help getting started with better artwork!

COVID avoidance policy:
I prefer that everyone is fully vaccinated or has recovered from COVID. Masks are required during class. Class sizes will be small to allow social distancing. Be warned that classes fill early. If a class fills, we will start a waiting list, and if necessary, add an additional class to handle the overflow.

PE-Design software what is it?
PE-Design was introduced in October 1996. It has come a long way since then, and the latest version is PE-Design V11. The software allows you to create your own designs, customize existing designs, add text to designs, and other cool things. You can save your designs as PES files (Brother's format). These files run on any Brother machine - including my first PE-100 from 1994 and my more recent 10 needle! If you need the files in a different format (for example, to work on a Pfaff embroidery machine), you can export the design into that format (PCS format). I always keep the original PES file because it is easy to make changes to it. Exported files are converted into stitches and cannot be easily edited. Similarly, you can import a design in most other embroidery formats. The software has a lot of options which can take a while to learn. However, you can quickly master a subset to get you going quickly and build on from there. You cannot learn everything in four hours!

What version of the software for the class?
I will be working with the PE-Design 11. If you have PE-Design 10, most things will work the same way. V11 does have some additional features that are nice! I have V10 loaded on my laptop and can show something in that version if necessary. This class will not work for those with PE-Design Next. The interfaces are too different. I recommend that anyone with PE-Design Next or a lower version look at getting the upgrade to PE-Design 10. There are not too many V10 upgrades left, so be warned. The V10 replaces the read/writer box as the dongle with a USB dongle instead. You may want to hang onto your reader/writer box, especially if you need to read or write from the Brother Embroidery cards. (Plus, if you ever have to reinstall, your PE-Design V10 is married to that reader/writer box. So don't sell it - you will need it!

If you do not want to upgrade, we can start a list of those with PE-Design Next. If we have enough interest, we can do a special add-on class. Talk to someone at the store about this.

Bring a snack. We will have a 15-20 minute break about halfway through the class.
This is a hands-on class at the Houston, TX Allbrands/Sew Contempo store. You will need to bring the following:

  • Your laptop with the software loaded and working. Make sure you check for updates.
  • Your laptop, power cord, a mouse, and the dongle for the software.
  • Your printed class notes
  • A snack
  • A great attitude and a smile

Other Images

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