• The Ultimate card I can be used in PES (Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco, Simplicity, White) and HUS (Viking Rose, 1+, Iris) embroidery machines.
  • Made by Vikant Corporation, same company that makes our Pfaff blank embroidery cards!
    2.0 card and twice the memory of Brother 4.0 card.
  • Works on Amazing Box, Magic Box, Ultimate Box, not Brother PE Design 4.0 or PED-Basic.
  • Rewritable Blank Cards - Limited supply!
  • When used with Amazing/Magic boxes the Ultimate card I is a subject to all restrictions and limitations of Amazing/Magic boxes, such as, despite the fact that Ultimate card holds about 500,000 stitches and takes any size designs if programmed by Ultimate box, it can only take 6 designs no larger than 4x4 if used with the Amazing/Magic box. On the other hand, when Amazing/Magic blank cards are used with the Ultimate box, they can hold more than 6 designs and are not subject to Amazing/Magic box restrictions.
  • Blank Embroidery Card Comparison Chart
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Anthony, Maine
I ordered the wrong item your customer sevice was able to stop shipment and assisted me in choosing the correct item. Very helpful and extremely polite.

Bernard, Canada
Thank You I was very happy to find the card and to receive it in such a timely fashion. Many Thanks

Sharron, Georgia
great site, large selection, fast service, price is right - willing to match competition! No complaints.

Sylvia, Texas

Lela, South Carolina
Completely satisfied with product & shipping. Thanks, would recommend your Web site to anyone & everyone. Lela

Kathleen, North Carolina
I've been shopping wit allbrands for years, the price is great and he service is fast.

Ann, Maryland
You gave me excellent service were very helpful. You checked out the product to make certain it was correct for my machine. I have always been pleased with your products,service and prices. I not only recommended you to my friends and quilt guild members but have also recomnmended you to sales clerks at the fabric stores. "Thank you"

Theresa, Georgia
I know it looks like I really gave this no thought but you really do rate the highest among those of us who sew a lot! We always turn to your online store for sewing supplies we can not find locally. So, believe me your service really is "highest" and the reason I gave the price a "6" is because everyone had that same price online, but I always decide to order from Allbrands when the price is not an issue. Thanks so very much for such an excellent source of sewing supplies!!! T.P. from Atlanta

Joyce, Pennsylvania
Easiest thing I've ever done on the internet!

Amy, Minnesota
Thanks for shippng so quickly. I needed the item in a hurry and it made it on time. I can promise you I'll be a returning customer. Thanks.

Jean B., Mount Vernon, IL
An altogather pleasant experience -- All-Brands has always given me fast shipping low prices and good service --thank you !

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Theresa P., Grayson, GA
I am so thankful to have ALLBRANDS.com when I need a sewing item...your bussiness is very dependable! Thanks, Theresa

Janis H, Heflin LA
After much communication over a misunderstanding between myself and the company...both being wrong about the cards (Vicant Embroidery cards) coming with patterns on them...I was told, mistakenly that they came blank...but after research on you all's part, it was found that they do come from the factory with a test pattern/s. It was quite an ordeal, but your employees were great and cordial and went out of their way to help resolve the issue so I am a happy customer!

Vikant Sales Co, Chicago ILL
Hello John, 100% of our cards are tested and all cards, version II, are formatted for use with either PED Basic or PE-Design boxes. In order to do that, the file with embroidery designs is written to the card and read from it. The set of designs on customer’s card simply indicates that the card underwent full testing and formatting procedure and is guaranteed to work. All cards sent to you, any other re-sellers or customers are brand new. Few more notes. “I erased the card and am using it,” All re-writable cards, with or without designs, made by us or any other manufacturer, have to erased prior to writing to the card. “I did notice it was not sealed.” All cards are packaged in plastic cases and are sealed only at dealer’s request if placed on shelves at retail stores. This complaint is the first and the only one we’ve ever received regarding this matter. Usually, customers are only happy to get few free designs on the card. If this customer or somebody from your customer service would’ve contacted us, the problem would’ve been explained and resolved right away. Thanks, Alex