INCLUDED: Reliable 3100SD Straight LockStitch Sewing Machine N.L.A, Replaced by 3300SD


INCLUDED: Reliable 7100SB Blind Hem Stitch Machine, Servo Motor, Lamp, Stand


INCLUDED: Reliable MSK-3314N-CF7-40H 2Needle 3-4Thread Serger SS Semi Submerged* Table Stand


INCLUDED: Reliable 3000IS/i300 Pro Steam Generator Boiler+i30/2100IR Steam Iron


INCLUDED: Reliable SewQuiet 6000SM Variable Speed DC Servo Motor 110V or 220V


INCLUDED: Organ 16X231 PD Titanium Coated Box of 100 Sharp Needles, 10Pk x10


INCLUDED: Organ LWx6T 29-34 Curve Flat Shank 50 Blindstitch Needles in 6 Sizes


INCLUDED: Organ Regular* Industrial Sewing Machine Needles, Box of 100

Reliable™ MSK-8900M Straight Stitch Industrial Sewing Machine
Reliable™ MSK-755 Full Size Industrial Blind Hem Stitch Sewing Machine
Reliable™ MSK-3314N-CF7-40H 2-Needle High Speed Mock Safety Stitch Industrial Serger
Reliable™ i300 Professional Dry Steam Iron
Reliable™ i30T Non-stick Iron Shoe
Reliable™ G4 Garment, Fabric & Drapery Steamer

MSK-8900M Features

The MSK-8900M single needle, drop feed sewing machine is ideal for light- medium weight fabrics.

It produces a beautiful, uniform stitch that is suitable for most basic sewing tasks, including top stitching.

  • Link-type feeding mechanism for smooth operation
  • Automatic lubrication with pump
  • Low noise, low vibration design
  • 5,000 rpm high-speed operation
  • Stitch dial regulator
  • Reverse lever mechanism
  • Complete stand includes a Sewquiet™ 5000 DC Servomotor, plywood table top and K-legs

    Best used for:
  • Ladies and men's and children's wear
  • Drapery workrooms
  • Alteration shops
  • Woven and knitted fabric
  • Any light - medium weight sewing tasks

    MSK-755 Features

  • The MSK-755 industrial blindstitch sewing machine with skip-stitch function is easy to use and is ideal for garment manufacturer's, drapery workrooms and alteration shops.

  • The skip stitch feature with 1:1 - 2:1 dial is essential for sewing lightweight fabric such as sheers.

  • The MSK-755 is also equipped with a dial to adjust the needle penetration from light to heavier weight material.

  • True skip stitch function with chain-off finger* (*required for drapery sheers and other light work)
  • Simple to use - easy to operate
  • Adjustable stitch penetration for various types of fabric
  • Automatic tension release for easier removal of the fabric
  • Adjustable thread tension
  • Swing-away plate for for sewing flat pieces (drapery)
  • Warranty: RELIABLE™ 1 Year

    Best used for:
  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Drapery

    MSK-3314N-CF7-40H Features

  • The MSK-3314-CF7-40 is easy to thread and easy to use. It produces a soft seam, even at high speeds. It's ideally suited for light to medium weight fabric, both knits and woven goods.

  • Differential feed
  • Stitch length regulator
  • Fully automatic lubrication
  • 6,500 rpm
  • North American made semi-submerged table (20" x 48") and K-leg stand, plus 1/2h.p. motor included
  • Warranty: RELIABLE™ 1 Year

    Best used for:
  • Ladies men's and children's wear
  • General serging applications
  • Woven and knit fabric
  • Light to medium weight fabrics

    i300 Features

  • Reliable presents the i300, the most affordable - quality pressurized steam iron system on the market. Equipped with heavy 12-gauge wiring, all stainless steel tank and outer shell, heavy-duty switches, silicone iron rest and a 1.4L size tank. The i300 is made to our usual high standards; and backed by our one year manufacturers warranty (3 years on the steam tank).

  • In the past, dry cleaners, tailors and drapery workrooms that required a stand alone steam iron had the choice between a low cost (and low performance) gravity feed iron, and a high price steam iron / generator system. The i300 changes all that. With quality Pressurized Steam, it is now available to everyone.

  • The i300 is a revolutionary new steam boiler system, that delivers for the first time "true professional quality" pressurized steam, in a compact and economical package.

  • The i300 has been designed from the ground up to deliver superior quality dry steam, and provide the best possible user experience.

  • RELIABLE™ understands that the quality of a boiler-iron is only as good (no matter how nice it looks) as what is inside it. This is why we use the best components available including 12-gauge wiring throughout and an all stainless steel steam tank to eliminate the chance of rust.

  • Low water light indicator - auto shut off for boiler only
  • Regular tap water
  • 50 p.s.i. operating pressure = DRY STEAM
  • 12-gauge heavy-duty wiring
  • Stainless steel tank and outer casing
  • Professional i30 steam iron
  • Up to 2-hours of continuous, intermittently used steam
  • 10-15 minutes heat-up time
  • Made in Italy

    Best used for:
  • All types of ladies, men's and children's clothing
  • Drapery and home furnishings

    PDF - Product Brochure

    i30T Features

  • Non-stick Iron Shoe for i30/i300 Steam Irons

    G4 Features

    What makes a great garment steamer?

  • First you start with a solid long life outer casing; then you add a one gallon water capacity, enough for hours of continuous use.

  • Then you add standard features including an automatic shutoff, power indicator light, easy roll casters and a brush on the steam head to help eliminate wrinkles faster, and of course, Reliable™'s trusted reputation for building quality, long lasting equipment. The end result the G4 steamer.

  • Replacement parts available through Reliable™.
MSK-8900M Specifications:
Model: MSK-8900M
Maximum sewing speed: 5,000 rpm
Stitch length: 0-5 mm
Needle bar stroke: 31.8 mm
Pressure foot lift: By hand 6 mm, By knee 13 mm
Needle system #: 16 x 257
Feed dog: 3 rows each
Hook type: Rotary - auto lubricated
Lubrication: Automatic
Warranty: RELIABLE™ 1 Year Warranty

MSK-755 Specifications:
Model :MSK-755
Maximum sewing speed :2,500 rpm
Stitch length : 0-8 mm
Cylinder diameter : 58 mm
Pressure foot lift : By knee 8 mm
Needle system : # 29BL (LW6T)
Lubrication : Manual
Skip stitch function : 1:1 - 2:1 true skip stitch
Dimensions - head : 17” x 19” x 13”
Weight - net : 45 lbs
Shipping dimensions : 40” x 50” x 14”
Shipping weight : 200 lbs
Warranty : RELIABLE™ 1 Year Warranty

MSK-3314N Specifications
Model : MSK-3314-CF7-40H
Maximum sewing speed up to : 6,500 rpm
Stitch length regulator up to : 3.6 mm
Needle gauge : 2.0 mm between needles
Overedging stitch width : 4.0 mm
Differential feed ratio :1:08-1:19
Needle bar stroke : 25.5 mm
Needle system : # B27
Presser foot lift
By hand :6.5 mm
Lubrication : Fully Automatic
Dimensions - head : 15” x 18” x 20”
Weight - head : 70 lbs
Dimensions with stand : 40” x 50” x 51”
Shipping weight w/stand : 200 lbs
Warranty RELIABLE™ : 1 Year Warranty

i300 Specifications:
Model: i300
Electrical: 120V
Water capacity: 6 cups - 1.4L
Operating pressure: 50 p.s.i. - 3.44 bar
Element: 700 watt
Iron: i30 - 800 watt
Power consumption: 12 amps
Heat up time: 10-15 minutes
Tank construction: Stainless steel
Low water indicator: Standard
Electrical approval: Entela
Dimensions - net: 9” x 12.5” x 6.5”
Weight - net: Shipping dimensions: 11.5” x 15” x 12”
Shipping weight: 16 lbs with iron
Warranty: RELIABLE™ 1 Year Warranty

G4 Specifications:
Model: G4
Electrical: 110V
Water capacity: 1 Gallon
Automatic shutoff: Standard
Power indicator light: Standard
Anti-spillage device: Spring loaded mechanism
Steam head: Brush (Standard)
Steam head options: Metal head with wood handle
Electrical approval: cULus
Weight: 13 Lbs (5.9 kg)
PVC Steam Head: 5mm