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Other Images

icon 13" GRID
Grid is entire template. Connects to quit entire quilt. Individual squares are 1" x 1".

icon Clam Shells
This template is the popular clam shells pattern. The clam's radius is about 1 1/2 inches (1.57 exact). The panels are 2 feet x 13 1/2 inches. The panels connect end-to-end to form a continuous pattern.

icon Crosshatch
This Crosshatch template is made up of 1.12 inch squares rotated at 45 degrees. Each panel is 2 feet x 13 1/2 inches and can be mated end-to-end to create a continuous pattern the length of your quilt.

icon Diamonds
The diamond are 1 1/8 inches by 2 inches. The panels can be mated end-to-end to create a continuous pattern. Each panel is 2 feet by 13 1/2 inches

icon Extended Crosshatch
Crosshatching extends to the edges of the template to utilize the entire board. *Note: This will not match with the older style of crosshatch. If your previously purchased crosshatches width is 9 1/2" it will not match with this template.

icon Lace
The lace pattern is about 10 inches tall.

icon Long Arm Fuzzy Bear (by Diff'rent strokes)
Pattern made by Diff'rent Strokes. Has no crossovers and makes a nice bear pattern.

icon Long-Arm Baptist Fan
This is the popular Baptist Fan. The large radius is about 8 inches (7.917 exact) and the smallest radius is about 1 inch (.995 exact). These 2 foot x 13 1/2 inch panels will connect end-to-end to the length needed.

icon Long-Arm Double Baptist Fan
Template has 2 rows of baptist fans, each being 5" tall.

icon Long-Arm Ropes
Template has 3 rope patterns included. At 5", 4" and 3".

icon Med-Arm Baptist Fan
This Baptist Fan is designed for the Medium Arm Machines (i.e. Handi Quilter, Hobby Quilter, etc.). Panel size is 10.5 x 23.88 inches

icon Med-Arm Twist
A great design for any quilt!

icon Random Stars (By Diff'rent Strokes)
2 continuous lines. Stars range from 4" down to 2".

icon Ripples by Carrie Dugan
Each panel is 13.5 inches tall and has 8 rows of ripples

icon Small Clams
Individual clams measure 1" tall, 2" wide

icon Small Crosshatch
Hatches ar 1" tall, spanning 12". Does not connect with other templates!

icon Surfs-UP (By Diff'rent Strokes)
Different variation of meandering. 2 continuous lines.

icon Trees
-The evergreen tree pattern is a great design for outdoor motifs! -The tree pattern is about 6 inches from tip-to-tip on each row

icon Waves
Add a wonderful wave to your quilt. Great for ocean, lake, river, and sea motifs!

icon Zig-Zag

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