Our Model 629X Blue Streak II is the machine of choice for the apparel business. It has set the industry standard for quality, performance, and engineering for over 120 years. It is designed to provide optimal performance whether cutting intricate jobs with small radius cuts or patterns that have long, clean cuts.

The Blue Streak II ® is designed with a low center of gravity for ease of handling and features the best power-to-gravity weight ratio in the industry. It is versatile for maximum productivity and minimal fatigue. The Blue Streak is the obvious choice when one machine is required to perform many roles.

Intricate Pattern/Straight Line Multi-ply Cutting
With versatility unmatched by any other straight knife, the Blue Streak II is the obvious choice when one machine is required to perform many tasks.


  • Cutting of intricate patterns and tight turns due to the low-profile baseplate and narrow silhouette standard

    Continuous, Smooth Running
  • Perfect fit and continuous running with cross heads, crank and knife slides that are machined to a tolerance within .0005"

  • Simple handling of the machine due to its low center of gravity and the best power-to-gravity weight ratio in the industry
  • Low maintenance requiring only daily lubricating with the easy-to-use One Shot single-reservoir oiling system
  • Elimination of heat and exhaust from the operator via the rear air intake
  • Ability to reduce speed to eliminate fusing, provided by the dual speed option
  • The cutting capacity is 1-1/2" less than the blade size. For example, an 8" machine would cut up to 6-1/2" high.

    Please Note the blade length does not equal the amount of stacked material that can be cut. The cut depth will depend on the thickness, texture and density of the material you are using. If you are unsure if this cutter will suit your application please contact us to let us know the material that you are using, and we will be happy to offer our best recommendation
  • US Warranty 6 Months Parts and 90 Days Labor Service on defects in material and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Weight: 34 lbs

110v, 1ph: Available
220v, 1ph: Available
220v, 3ph: Available
380v, 3ph: Available

.65 hp, 1ph: Available
.93 hp, 3ph: Available
Speed/Single: Available

Blade Size:
5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 11 1/2", 13"

High Speed Steel: Standard