*Note: Not for transfer which would require paper. Only for printing on these fabric sheets to use for sewing and craft projects.

Scan a drawing, old photo or other image into your computer. Print the image onto one of the fabric sheets with an inkjet printer.

  • Try your hand with Printable Fabric...easy as 1,2,3. Make beautiful creations for your family and friends.

  • The highest quality fabric sheets for inkjet printers. Brilliant images, crisp details. Retains image clarity and color after washing. Luxurious softness of 100% Pima Cotton – soft and pliable for easy sewing. 200 thread count.
    Resists fading from light exposure. 8½ "x11"

  • Milliken® Printed Treasures™ Fabric is the easiest way to incorporate favorite images into crafts, gifts, home décor or anything else you desire. Printed Treasures are a 100% Pima cotton transfer sheets (200 thread count). These cotton fabric sheets are treated to be receptive to the inks used in home ink-jet printers, they maintain a soft feel after printing, and they can be machine-washed repeatedly without fading. It's easy, soft and machine washable!

  • It’s no wonder the original Printed Treasures has already become a mainstay of crafting and quilting. Easy to print and sew, and soft to the touch, our Sew-On fabric sheets add infinite possibilities to your projects.

  • Packet includes 50 -8.5" x 11" sheets. Sew-On Printable Fabric Sheets work with any inkjet printer or inkjet copier and are colorfast and washable. Personalize quilts and sewing projects with your favorite photos and patterns. Paper-like print quality on cotton fabric sheets. Retains image clarity and color after washing. Soft and pliable for easy sewing. Resists fading from light exposure. Ideal for printing photos, patterns, images or designs of any type. Apply to quilts, pillows, scrapbooks, clothing or any item you want to personalize.
1. On your computer, prepare image to be printed. 2. Set printing parameters at "Best" for the print quality and "Plain Paper" for the paper type. ((We recommend using standard inkjet inks rather than special photo inks. Photo inks are designed for best results on glossy photo paper and do not produce vibrant images on Printed Treasures.) 3. Print first on regular printer paper to test ink coverage, image clarity, size and placement. 4. Cut (do not pull) any loose threads from the Printed Treasures sheet. 5. Load Printed Treasures sheet in printer tray so image prints on fabric side. Follow your printer's directions for loading instructions. 6. Print image. 7. Allow ink to dry completely, (approximately one minute). 8. Slowly peel paper backing from the Printed Treasures® fabric sheet. 9. Before sewing, we recommend removing any excess ink that may be resting on the fabric surface. This can be done by submerging your fabric sheet in an oversized bowl that is overflowing with a constant stream of cold water. Keep fabric sheet submerged for approximately one to two minutes. The water will carry off any excess ink, and prevent it from attaching to other areas of the sheet. Do not twist, or wring out, simply lay flat to dry. 10. Once dry, the sheet is ready to use. Care for completed Printed Treasures projects: As needed, hand or machine wash in cold water using the gentle cycle and a mild detergent. Air or machine dry using low heat. After washing or rinsing, Printed treasures is iron friendly using the lowest steam setting (silk or wool). For best results, avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Not for use with Laser Printers or Commercial Copiers. Not suitable for children's sleepwear.
Beth, Maine
Terrific price... beat out any other place I checked. No shipping costs on item was great. Telephone help was wonderful. I will keep you in mind for future purchases.

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I was completely satisfied with your company's service, the use of the website and the product I received.