Hot Fix Applicator Wand features 8 tips for applying hot-fix crystals, pearls, nailheads and rhinestones.Features comfortable, ergonomic handle. Handle also prevents the wand from rolling around. Also featuresan on/off switch.

Add dazzling fun the easy way!
Adding sizzle and sparkle to garments, costumes, quilts, crafts, candles, scrapbooks, ceramics, silk flowers, and more has never been easier or more fun! The heat-activated glue on Swarovski crystals, pearls, rhine studs, and nail heads allows them to be applied easily to flat surfaces with the Hot-fix Applicator Wand. The wand provides control so crystals can be placed precisely without burning fingers or fabric. It comes with stand and eight interchangeable tips. Includes hands-free support stand. Cord is 68" long.
Easily apply Hot-fix crystals, pearl studs, rhinestuds, and nail heads to almost any surface with the Professional Touch Hot-fix Applicator Wand. Features on/off switch on handle, short barrel allows for precise placement, ergonomic design with a finger guard for protection from the hot metal barrel, and a balanced handle so the wand cannot tip over and does not require a stand.