• Full Case Shown
  • Has 27 of the most used Sulky 40 weight rayon colors and Sulky black and white bobbin thread in the handy tote to the left.
  • You can then fill the remaining spaces with your own spools.
  • 180 yards per spool on all sulky thread kits
  • Two Extra Spools included! (Black and White)

    Includes 27 of top 40wt colors and black & white bobbin thread.
SULKY-Slimline Embroidery Starter Assortment contains 27 of the most used 40 weight Rayon colors and Sulky Black-0020 and White- 0010 bobbin thread. Colors include: 1001-bright white; 1005-black; 1017-pastel peach; 1019-peach; 1024-goldenrod; 1032-med.purple; 1035-dk.burgundy; 1051-Christmas green; 1055-tawny tan; 1059- dk.tawny brown; 1067-lemon yellow; 1076-royal blue; 1078-tangerine; 1082-ecru; 1104-pastel yellow green; 1109-hot pink; 1121-pink; 1147-Christmas red; 1174-dk. pine green; 1177-avocado; 1192-fuchsia; 1193-lavender; 1195-dk. purple; 1200-med dk navy; 1218-silver gray; 1219-gray; 1223-baby blue tint. Assortment comes in the perfect storage box of lightweight (approximately 4 pounds), translucent plastic. All spools are clearly visible and easily accessible. Storage Box measures: 13Hx13Wx2D closed. Pre-filled Thread Collections are organized and labeled by color families.
Kathy R., Order 493208
I was so pleased with all the products I purchased at AllBrands. It arrived as promised. The customer service rep. was helpful in both helping me select the right machine for my needs and with choosing my accessories. He didn't try to just sell me things I did not need. Being new to the world of embroidering I needed to rely on him and it was so nice to have someone so honest and so helpful. Thanks again. We will be life long customers. kathy