*Dimensions 22-9/16" wide X 11-3/4" deep for Arrow & Kangaroo Cabinet Large Openings 23-3/4" W x 12-3/8" Dfor Arrow Bertha 98700 98701 98702, Olivia 1001 1004, Florie 1011 1014, Gidget II 98611, Kangaroo & Joey K8805 K8811; Aussie K8605 K8611, Wallaby K8403, Bandicoot K8205, Tasmanian K9106 K9111 K9111 Sewing Machine Cabinets

Please specify your brand and model number sewing machine for this special order plastic insert to fit around your freearm when in flatbed position.

This insert is compatible with the Arrow 98700 Bertha and Kangaroo Aussie Series.

Marion, Arizona
Great shopping with you!

Cynthia, New York
So very happy with my purchase of the Arrow Gidget 2 and the Free Arm Insert. The Arrow product definitely exceeded my expectations - the table is secure and it's fairly easy to manipulate the links so the sewing machine is flush with the insert. I am already familiar with the Dream World product and this is a very nicely fitting insert. I own a more expensive table (another brand) and I feel that the Arrow/Dream World combination is actually better. Thanks. Very satisfied.

Frank, Oregon
looks great. FIT IS PERFECT. thank you for your prompt, friendly service.