May your bobbin always be full! This is single speed. If you want variable speed we recommend the electric bobbin winder P60999NS

This will only work with the Viking green bobbins
Click here for the Corgi Winder that is compatible with nearly all bobbins.

Available in two versions (A or B)
The Viking Green Bobbin CorgiWinder model will now be offered in two versions.

Viking models using the Green Bobbin which use a removable bobbin case where the bobbin case is removed from the machine in order to install the bobbin will use the 'A' version.

Viking models using a horizontal bobbin case in which the Green Bobbin 'drops in' to the bobbin case will use the 'B' version. The two versions are alike except for the direction of rotation.

  • Buy lower bobbin thread in bulk cones
  • Quick wind beautiful bobbins in seconds
  • Doesn't tie up your machine with bobbin winding time
  • Adjustable thread tension control
  • Power supply and switch
  • Single cone thread stand
  • Has tension by-pass and embroidery single-cone thread stand to use as a thread stand as well as bobbin winder.
  • Runs as single speed for uniform tension and winding.
  • Was originally developed for winding top and bottom bobbins on Singer EU1, Toyota POEM and Viking Huskygram embroidery machines to bypass the expensive upper thread cassette system.

    Incidentally, the larger bobbins used on quilting machines such as the Tin Lizzie can be wound on the standard CorgiWinder. There is no need for a separate model to accommodate these bobbins.

    Many Viking sewing machines have broken bobbin winders and no parts are available for repair. The CorgiWinder is an excellent way for the machines to be made usable again.
  • US Warranty 90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
There are two green bobbin types. Version A works with machines where the bobbin case must be removed in order to replace the bobbin. Version B works with models that have a 'drop in' type bobbin case. Version B is much more common and should work with recent Viking and similar (Pfaff and White) sewing machines.

Many Pfaff machines use the same bobbin as the 'Viking Green' bobbin. It may be clear or some other color, but it will have the same larger top diameter and a smaller bottom diameter.

The standard CorgiWinder (clear bobbin, Singer 15 class) will wind the bobbins of most conventional machines. It will also accept the large style 'M' bobbins.
Your Pfaff bobbins will fit the standard CorgiWinder. Viking uses a unique bobbin system and requires a special winder. There is a special CorgiWinder model that would fit it. Unfortunately, I do not have a way to wind both types of bobbins on a single CorgiWinder model. I would need to know if your Viking bobbins are Green or if they are Clear. Some generic Viking bobbins may not fit the CorgiWinder but Genuine Viking ones will work fine. You can identify the genuine bobbins by the Viking Crown symbol on the bobbin.
Q) Do you have any electric or battery operated bobbin winders that can be modified for winding the plastic floss bobbins? search for Electric Bobbin Winders results here
As long as there is a hole in the center of the circular bobbin that will hold the empty bobbin onto the winding spindle, it should work. You may have to hold and feed the floss by hand to provide an even tension in winding on the bobbin.
Sherry V, Galveston TX
Product description did not mention whether auto-shut off was present, so I continued searching elsewhere. I eventually purchased this product & found it is not a issue due to high speed of rewinding. I would have purchased a lot sooner had this been noted in product description. Otherwise, it operates well & I’m satisfied with it.

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