The Asian Quilt collection has 42 different designs in 3 different sizes of each. There are traditional Asian elements in the collection as well as connecting Sashiko style designs. Sashiko is a beautiful stitching style that
is created entirely by hand. It is impossible to recreate the stitching on an embroidery machine, but you can still embroider beautifully inspired Sashiko designs. I created this collection in a different way compared to our other quilt collections. Creating one of our projects is even easier now. Each design includes a squaring stitch. This is the irst step in the design. The squaring stitch designates the size of your block so you no longer need to measure and square off the fabric The 20 Quilt blocks of Asian Designs contain traditional elements such as, koi, dragons, lily
pads, pagodas, peacocks and urns. Each of the designs come in three different sizes and includes the squaring stitch as the first step. The 13 Sashiko Medallions are simpler than the quilting designs and look great when you are creating a traditional Sahiko style project. And the last 8 designs are the connecting Sashiko Designs, which are embroidered and then joined very closely to create a continuous pattern. We created a table runner and a block quilt for our projects using navy and brown silk.
20 Quilt Blocks