Note: Spinrite has discontinued Ultimate Sweater Machines so they are no longer available from the manufacturer. AllBrands will only have remaining accessories until they run out.

Read How to Join 2 USMs together for double wide solid or stripped sweaters and afghans.

Save by getting the Deluxe Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine with all the major accessories including 30 needle bed extension, intarsia keyplate, row counter, video, yarn

*Up To 1500 stitches per minute (12 rows per minute stockinet x 130 needles with included extension installed. Join as many USM's together as you have room for.*

  • 130 needles x 8mm needle spacing equals almost 40" needle bed width with 30 needle extension installed. Non-skid, table-protecting rubber mat also holds knitter in place.
  • Includes Extension Kit, Row Counter, & Intarsia Keyplate
  • Instructional Video & Yarn Package
  • Hobby Knitting Machine with plastic bed and metal needles
  • Uses Skein or Cone Yarn behind the machine
  • Made In The U.S.A.

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  • US Warranty 1 year parts, 90 days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
  • From cozy sweaters to lofty afghans, you can make them quickly and easily on the Ultimate Sweater Machine!
  • Knit right from the skein of yarn, from a sport to a chunky, textured or plain—without knowing anything about hand knitting
  • Make sweaters in sizes up to XL and knit up to 1,200 stitches a minute
  • Has unique new method of doing intarsia (picture knitting)
  • Make lace, cables, Fair Isle and more
  • Learn in an evening – make a sweater or afghan in just two evenings
  • Use hand or machine patters
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Instructional video, instruction book and pattern book included
  • Knitting help line and free patters on website
  • 130 needles
  • Handles 1 to 4 ply sport thru chunky yarn
  • New style carriage has no wire guide necessary for yarn control
  • Easily portable and weighs only 10 lbs
  • Comes with a simple and easy-to-follow instruction book and instructional video
  • Includes a beginner's pattern book
  • Free knitting help line whenever you have problems or need help completing projects
  • Ball of yarn included

    Sew You Tube Videos on Ultimate Sweater Machine applications
Included Accessories
  • Carriage with 4 no-wax Nylon keyplates to accomodate 6 yarn sizes.
  • Accessories in box(2 table clamps, 4 clothes pins for yarn ends, wax for yarn, 2 needle transfer tools also for adding cables, elastic thread spool for cast on, etc.)
  • Plastic hem and Rod weights for 100 needle and 30 needle extension
  • Instructional DVD video
  • Easy-to-follow instruction manual
  • Beginner's pattern book
  • Accessories catalog, supplies reorder form
  • Non-skid, table-protecting rubber mat, also holds knitter in place.
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icon Optional Sweater Video

icon Knitting bed, carriage and accessories

The Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine DELUXE model includes the extension kit, row counter, and Intarsia keyplate. The non-Deluxe model is exactly the same without the three accessories: Extension kit, Row Counter, and Intarsia Keyplate. So you save by buying the DELUXE if you intend to buy these accessories anyway. You can cast on up to 100 or 130 needles and knit any number of rows you want in solid or verigated yarns or in stripes of different yarn colors. You can also knit a pattern to fit on the machine by putting needles into work and out of work to shape a sweater front, back and sleeves to later seam together by hand, sewing machine or serger. You can use the cut and sew method by knitting unshaped square panels, cutting them out to fit the garment pattern and putting in the seams by hand or machine. (Q) What is the difference between the old Incredible Sweater Machine and the new Ultimate Sweater Machine? (A)The Incredible Sweater Machine is the older model of the 2 machines. Between the Incredible and the Ultimate. The Caron-Bond machine is the Ultimate - Caron international is Bond Americas parent company. Yes, the Incredible and the Ultimate are completely compatible to one another and you can combine the 2 needle beds. Hope this helps. Lori
Dear allbrands, I am making prayer shawls for a cancer center. I have never used a machine before but think it could help me be more productive. I am knitting 23" wide X 5' long using 4-ply yarn on size 15 needles. Can the machine handle this or would I need to buy differend size needles for the machine? How difficult is this to set up and take down? would I need a permanent space for it?
thanks. Gran741
You would not have to purchase different size needles, the machine has the capability to do what you are asking - its just a matter of manipulating the stitches a bit by hand. You would knit a certain number of rows and then drop a few to increase the gauge. The machine is very easy to set up and take down -just a matter of 2 clamps and a nut and bolt. Lori

I am interested in a small knitting machine for making baby clothes. Presently I hand knit, mostly in 3,4 and 8 ply. Can k/machines use standard yarns? Is there a machine smaller than the Bond Ultimate? Are there any extra tools/materials that you need to purchase as well as the machine? Can you follow standard patterns in knitting books using a knitting machine?
Our Ultimate Sweater Machine will handle yarns that are sport weight thru to a chunky weight. Everything is included in the kit that you will need to make your first practice piece including the yarn. Once you are adept at the machine then yes you can adapt hand knit patterns to the bond. Hope this helps. Lori at Bond

Can I use bulky yarns on the American Bond?
Yes, but you have to take an extra needle with you when you go shopping for yarn so you can test if the yarn runs through the latch eye easily without getting caught on the latch or hook. If it does catch, you will have problems machine knitting with that yarn. Always do a test swatch to make sure the appearance of stitches per inch and rows per inch is what you had in mind. Some textured yarns with slubs, nubs and hair require prewaxing when winding a skein into a ball. Silicone yarn spray is easily applied to cone or ball yarn to mat down the fibers so the yarn goes though the needles easier. That’s what they use in sweater factories to speed up production.

(Q&A) Exactly how wide can the USM knit? 31.5" WITHOUT EXTENSIONS. HOWEVER, YOU CAN PUT 2 USM'S TOGETHER FOR 63" OF KNITTING WIDTH. SEE: Assembling Two Ultimate Sweater Machines:

(Q&A) I am interested in knitting throws as well as sweaters and would like to be able to make them 50"+ wide. And am I correct that to make ribbing you have to unhook and rehook that column "by hand" with a crochet hook type tool? YES, THERE IS NO RIBBER ATTACHMENT AVAILABLE, SO YOU HAVE TO DO RIBBING BY HAND.

Q Which knitting machine should I start with for winter sweaters and blankets?

A You may want to start with the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machines just to learn how knitting machines work and see if you really like it before going to the next level.

Most machine knitters end up with more than one machine for the different gauges (fine, mid-gauge or bulky machines and yarns). No one knitting machine will handle all the gauges of yarn that you can knit with by hand. So, start with the one that will use the yarns you want and give you the stitches per inch needed for sweaters and blankets.

If you are doing winter sweaters and blankets you will probably need a bulky knitting machine with 8-9mm between all the needles. This will produce a test swatch that is 3 to 6 stitches per inch. Fine guage sweater yarn and machines go up to 10 stitches per inch.

The Bond USM is 8mm between 130 needles and the Silver Reed SK155 metal bed punchcard knitting machine. There is nothing in between with the bulky gauge is 9mm between 110 needles. No electronic machines are made with the bulky 9mm guage between needles. The metal beds are much easier and automatic to knit on than any of the plastic beds.

Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine with manual patterning capability.

Silver SK155 with automatic punchcard patterning.

Also check out Machine Knitters Source magazine at for patterns, yarns, and supplies.
Roberta, Florida
I have ordered several products from Allbrands over the years and exceptional quality and service keeps me returning. I genuinely appreciate doing business with this company. Thank You

Susan, California
very surprised how fast I recived this... thanks...

Cynthis D, Email
Please thank Alice, and the staff, for helping me with my parts problem. Over ten years ago I bought the first ultimate sweater machine, which I have given to my sister, who is now also “hooked”. My new deluxe sweater machine is a delight to use. Better carriage, better control, better product. We have already completed four blankets for needy kids. Your company provides excellent service, and you now have a loyal customer. Thank you all so much. Have a Merry New Year!! Cynthia D

Anthony S., Jamaica Plain, MA
Thank you, excellent services. I can't wait to get the opportunity to learn how to use my new machine.

Leticia J., Storm Lake, IA
I am so glad to buy in Thanks.

Jane E., Sonoma, CA
Thank you. Everything was great!

John Douthat, All
Carolyn, a knitting machine speeds up the repetitive rows and stitches so you can concentrate on putting the backs, fronts, sleeves together by hand or linker machine. If you are using fine 1 or 2 ply yarns yielding up to 10 stitches per inch, the punchcard pattern Brother KH864, Artisan JBL245 or Silver Reed SK280 machines with 4.5mm spacing between needles would be best. 2-4 ply knits best on the Silver Reed mid-guage SK160 manual or SK860 electronic machines with 6.5mm needle spacing and yielding 4-7 stitches per inch. Bulky and chunky 4 ply yarns with lots of texture knit best on the Silver Reed SK155 punchcard bulky machine with 9mm needle spacing yielding 3-5 stitches per inch. No one machine will handle all weights and plys of yarns, so you have to choose one to start with. If you will need a ribber bed attached to the knitter for cuffs, necklines or hems, look at the Artisan 63-70 manual mid-guage 7mm double bed, or purchase a ribber attachment for the SK280 or SK160/860. Ribbers are not available for the KH864 and the SK155 above. If you are not sure about which one to start with you could start with the Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine with 8mm between needles since they are under $200 at Most machine knitters end up with more than one gauge machine in order to handle a wider range of yarns. In any case you will save a lot of time once you learn how to operate the machine. Most machine knitters do sweater panels either shaped on the machine while knitting or cut and sewed together with a serger or linker afterwards. Let me know if you have any questions about the above models which are on our website.

Bond America,
NEW CARRIAGE Here’s a HOT NEW CARRIAGE !! Roger together with Caron has re-designed the USM carriage – just slightly, but enough to make this new version a dream to knit with! The keyplates are SO easy to insert, but the biggest feature is re-designed “stripper plates” that give the carriage the appearance of “wings.” Yes, it almost floats across the bed, but the most important aspect of this new design is that it is nearly impossible for the yarn to catch on the plates and thus drop your knitting. To get one of these new carriages (and very slightly modified keyplates), order second carriage kit from the Bond America online store at at $39.95 for item 020323. These New Carriages will be included in future shipments of Bond Ultimate Sweater Machines.

Cari, Bond America
I recently received an inquiry from a Bond Buzz reader about some problems she had experienced trying to knit really fancy yarns on her machine, and I thought it would be an ideal topic to cover in Bond Buzz. First let’s look at some of the types of fancy yarns: eyelash (often called “fur”), boucle (pr: BOO-KLAY), ribbon or tape yarns, thick-n-thin (sometimes called homespun) and super-bulky yarns and chenille yarns. * For the eyelash-type yarns, knitting on the Ultimate Sweater Machine is a breeze, as the core of these yarns is normally quite thin and slippery. * Many boucle yarns are also easy to knit, but check the gauge that’s printed on the yarn label. Boucles that have a gauge of 13 sts to 4” or less may be challenging, especially if the loops are very large, but may work using every-other-needle. Extra weight (extra claw weights – even a double hem) will also help in knitting some of these yarns. * Ribbon or tape yarns can often be very rigid, so stick with the thinner ones or those that are a knitted construction. You can tell by the stretchiness of the yarn. * For the super-bulkies, you’ll need to use every other needle and extra weight. * And for the chenilles, my favorite, of course is the colorful and super-easy-to-knit on the Sweater Machine yarn from Caron®, Jewel Box®. You can now find Jewel Box in AC Moore, Jo-Ann’s and many craft and yarn stores. Chenille yarn is usually easy to knit on your machine, but be sure to pay attention to the tendency for solid color chenilles to bias (knit at a “diagonal”), which cannot be blocked out. Jewel Box does not do this since it is has 3 plies. To order extra weights: an extra hem (you can have steel rods cut at a hardware store) or claw weights or an extension kit (which you’ll need for making an adult sweater on every other needle), click here.

Kaari Bouma, Homer AK

My knitting machine and other accessories came in perfect condition. I am extremely happy with the price! After shopping online for weeks I discovered that AllBrands really does have the best price for the package I chose. And the machine is just great! Thank you!,

The Bond sweater machine makes winter caps a breeze with its automatic rolled edge for the brim of the cap ; but it rolls the edge tightly when I want projects to lay flat. I have made hundreds of caps for local hospitals (for newborns) and I don't think that The Bond America sweater machine will ever wear out even though it is made mostly out of plastic.