Fits existing power stands for Singer 20u13, 20u33, 20u53, 20u73, & 20u type machines and tables from Reliable, Tacsew, Gemsy, Yamata, Rex, Econosew, Brother, Zoje, Feiyue

Zigzags Up To 9mm Zig Zag Width
Takes size 9 to 19 needles:
Organ 135x7, 135x9 or Singer 1910 Needles
Sews Up To 2500 Stitches Per Minute Straight Stitch
Sews up to 2000 Stitches Per Minute Zigzag
Single Needle Lockstitch With Reverse Lever
All-Metal Industrial Rotary Hook
Knee Lever For Presser Foot Or Zig-Zag
Left, Center, Right Needle Positions
SS/ZZ Tailoring & Drapery Machine
Not For Upholstery, Exterior Fabrics or Upholstery Thread
  • US Warranty 30 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Machines of class 20U have been in production for over 20 years
Offers the versatility of medium speed straight stitching, zig-zag stitching, satin stitch embroidery and free-motion work
For stitching and embroidering light to medium-heavy weight materials
Designed for natural and synthetic fabrics and light weight leather, but not upholstery
Perfect straight stitching
Needle bar frame locking clamp engaged by a quick 1/4 turn of a knob
Built in bobbin winder
Hook automatically advances and retards timing according to zig zag width
Independently adjustable forward and reverse stitch lengths
Buttonholes produced by means of right, center, and left needle positions
Knee lifter to raise foot or control zig-zag width
Straight stitch and up to 9 mm zig-zag stitches
Zig zag plate, straight stitch plate, and embroidery/darning plate included
Zig zag/satin stitch and straight stitch feed dog included
Uses 135x7 needles size 9-19

Click HERE for You Tube Videos on Singer 20u Type Straight Stitch Zigzag Sewing Machines.

Included Accessories
# P20U33-3

* 3 Needle positions, like 20U
* Suitable for light to medium_weight cloth, straight stitch, reverse feed, built in bobbin winder, and zigzag control, up to 2500 RPM
* Needle: 1955