• Overall Length - 8 inches
  • Cut Length - 3 1/2 inches
  • Professional knife-edge, dressmaker shears for extensive cutting tasks.
  • Ideal for cutting fine synthetic fabric/material.
  • Hot drop-forged
  • Adjustable bolt/nut pivot assembly.
  • Nickel plated with black handle.
  • Left Handed Scissors
What is the difference between left and right hand Scissors?

With left handed scissors, the blades are the other way round (the half that comes up when you open them is on the left), so that when cutting the blades are pushed together instead of apart like what would happen if a leftie used right-handed scissors. also, if the scissors have angled grips so your fingers are more comfortable and slide in better, those are the other way around as well (as your fingers are coming in from the other side.