• Natural Body Shape
  • Handcrafted with a realistic looking buttock
  • Measurement is 1/2 of the regular men dress form
  • Pinnable dress form
  • Covered with 100% linen
  • With bump out side seams to enable you feel them when draping with fabric
  • Easily adjust the height by hand
  • Available size: 1/2 scale of size 38, 1/2 scale of size 40
  • Newly Updated 100% Aluminum Base & Wheels Very Strong

    This is a half scale miniature dress form, not a full scale form. This miniature dress form's height is only 17 1/2 inch.
    All measurements are 1/2 scale of our regular full scale men form.

  • US Warranty 3 year warranty on defects in material and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
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icon Side View of Dress Form.

Katy H, Art Institute
I have always worked directly with Verinique Williams and she has always provided outstanding service and made sure our orders are processed immediately. Katy