Now you can Learn from the Expert with this new DVD series
by Deborah Jones!

Designs in Machine Embroidery is excited to bring you the first in a series of DVD's that will get new embroiderers off to a great start and build confidence in seasoned embroiderers.

Embroidery expert Deborah Jones takes the mystery out of stabilizer. She puts in plain words exactly how to stabilize even the most "scary" fabrics. The 30-minute DVD is chaptered so you can watch the whole thing or quickly navigate to the exact spot that covers the fabric and stabilizer for a specific project. Handy printable reference sheets are also included on the DVD.

DVD includes:

  • 30 minute video instruction

  • 2 Printable reference charts:

    • Stabilizing solutions for 26 fabric types

    • Definitions of stabilizer terms

  • Discover the best ways to avoid:

    • Puckering

    • Wrinkling

    • Distortion

In this 30-minute video lesson, Deborah explains:

  • The secret to making stabilizer vanish

  • How to choose the best topping for your project

  • The reason for various weights and what the weights mean

  • How to stop puckering even in the middle of a stitch-out!

  • How to get beautiful results that last through the life of the garment

  • You'll save time and money by:

  • Buying only the stabilizers you really need

  • Using what you have efficiently

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