The Sewing Machine Platform Riser by Alphasew raises up your machine so that you don't have to pull the material out of the way when embroidering or free arm sewing. There is a 3 inch gap in the Sewing Machine Platform Riser. It is made from heavy duty steel and has a non slip surface. The Sewing Machine Platform Riser will keep your machine steady and won't bounce around. It is the perfect product for people who embroider often using shirts or other tubular materials.

  • Allows 3" of working space under the machine for handbags, tshirts, etc
  • Excellent for embroidery work
  • Made of heavy duty steel 21 pounds
  • *Friction Mat included to prevent slipping and to protect your table top
  • Built for 4x4" embroidery machines and works for 5x7" machines and up
  • Approximately 8-3/4" Wide, 24" Long and 3" high, Usable Space.
  • Functions as a free arm: excellent for embroidery work on tubular or circular garments
  • Made of heavy duty steel
  • Friction Mat attached to the top
  • Built for 4x4 embroidery machines
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icon 3 inches of freearm space under your machine

Randall, South Carolina
thanks guys, I really like my new platform.

Barbara M, Central, LA
keep up the quality of service that you provide