16 row pleaters are for pleating shorter height bodice panels on childrens's wear.

Holds thread and pleater for 16 row pleaters (regular and Maxi.) Saves time-no more tangles. Unique thread tension divise. Kiln dried Red Oak. Complete with hardware to attach pleater. Removable pleater platform.

Smoc 'N Genie Thread Caddy is a wonderful, time-saving tool for anyone who pleats. It is perfectly designed to hold your pleater securely on top. You fasten the pleater down with 4 clips (included).
Rubber feet keep your caddy and pleater from slipping and protect your tabletop.

Underneath the lid are dowel rods to hold your spools of threads or wound bobbins. Your thread is run between 2 strips of Velcro - keeps thread in place and prevents tangling.

This is a wonderful tool for everyone who dreads threading all those needles every time they want to pleat multiple items (such as inserts). You may pleat more than one garment without re-threading the needles. It's a must have for all pleater owners!!

  • Mount your pleater on this unfinished oak veneer thread box.
  • It will hold 16 large spools of up to nylon quilting thread directly under pleater with the top cover supporting the pleater.
  • The top cover is fastened to the thread box with velcro so you can quickly add or change thread by pulling the top off.
  • You may pleat more than one garment without re-threading the needles.
  • Very compact, a great accessory for organizing your thread and keeping 16 threads from becoming tangled.
  • Made in U.S.A.
Mount your pleater on this oak veneer cabinet. It will hold 16 large spools of thread directly under your pleater. You can easily pleat more than one garmet without having to rethread your needles between each one! This is a very compact and highly-functional accessory that will make pleating a breeze. Once you've used the Smoc'n Genie, you won't know how you ever did without!

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icon smoc N Genie 16 Row Smocking Pleater Thread Dispenser Storage Box, Wood Caddy

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icon Smock'n'Genie 24 row thread dispenser

Bettye, Smocking Genie
On Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 11:37 AM Bettye Rodgers <> wrote: I needed to let you know that I am out of the SG 24 and 32 Read pleater boxes. I do have a few of the 16 and 24 Amanda Jane boxes left and will continue to sell them until stock is gone. With a heavy heart, I will closing my business when the stock is depleted. I really appreciate all the support Allbrands has given me for the last 38 years and am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. Betty

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