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  • US Warranty 1 year parts and 1 year labor on defects in materials and workmanship
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
The Tosca commercial strength vapor steam cleaner provides dry steam at 5% humidity and 160ºC (316ºF) unlike any other affordable commercial steam cleaners on the market. The Tosca 100 steam cleaner offers all of the powerful General Cleaning abilities, and disinfection power of the rest of the Dupray steam cleaner line on a smaller scale, Ideal for residential or small commercial users.

Use the Tecnovap® Tosca vapor cleaner as an incredibly efficient small portable tile and grout cleaner allowing you to restore any ceramic and tile floor to new including removing years of built up dirt in the grout. The Tosca is an extremely powerful bedbug exterminator the extremely high temperatures produced by the boiler of this unit reaching up to 160ºC / 316ºF get rid of bedbug infestations and eradicate the problem instantly, it is also the only bedbug treatment that is chemical free! Because the steam is only 5% moisture content it reduces greatly the risk of damaging a slow drying surface with mold and mildew. The Tosca being extremely small and portable allows it to be an indispensable tool for mobile auto detailing restoring carpets, doorjams, engine rooms and rims to new without chemicals and using next to no water (1L / 0.25gallon per hour). Small restaurants have found this particular commercial steam cleaner to be a great investment to help with their degreasing and general kitchen cleaning. The Tosca is the most powerful commercial steam cleaner for under 1000$ allowing the operator to easily perform 100s of tasks effortlessly and ecologically!

Please note : The Tosca is a pressurized unit, for our smallest continuous refill steam cleaner please see the Hill Super Inox.

Vapor cleaning machines need only basic tap water to be able to produce the powerful steam that performs all of your cleaning application, meaning no toxic chemical film or pollution, there is no greener solution than steam. With the Dupray steam cleaning systems you do not need chemicals, and our brushes cost a fraction of competitors reducing your operating costs to pennies!
Dupray's Tecnovap® Technology

Replaceable Heating Elements: Save money with replaceable elements; typical steam cleaners require the whole boiler to be replaced, costing almost as much as replacement machine, where Tecnovap® machines are designed with twist out elements, allowing for simple replacement in the unlikely event that the element needs replacing.

Variable pressure: allowing for use at various pressures between minimum and maximum, depending on the desired application. This technology is critical for such applications as getting rid of bedbugs as you will want to use lower steam pressures to eradicate the bedbug infestation as to not blow them away with too much pressure.

Solid Steel body and stainless steel boiler: all of our steam cleaners are built solid with rigid materials such as steel and stainless steel, resulting in a stronger and easier to clean commercial grade steam cleaner that will last for far longer than plastic machines. The boilers are constructed out of stainless steel and TIG welded to create the strongest boilers on the market to be much more durable and last much longer than any other boiler material such as aluminium or standard steel.

High Quality Commercial Accessories: Tecnovap is known for creating the highest quality steam cleaning accessories on the market. They're built with solid plastic mouldings in house in Italy, none of the components are built in china ensuring you the strongest accessories to be durable and robust enough to stand up to the extreme heat produced by Tecnovap Commercial Steam Cleaners. The Tosca comes included with the standard Commercial Steam Cleaning Accessory Kit which composes of various tools and brushes to make any of your desired steam cleaning tasks extremely easy and well thought out.

Included Accessories
  • Power 110V
  • Current 1600W
  • Pressure 5 bar / 72.5psi
  • Steam Temperature 160ºC / 316ºF
  • Boiler Capacity 4L / 1.05gal
  • Steam Production 40g/min
  • Heating Time 7 minutes
  • Continuous Refill No
  • Pressure Control Yes
  • Boiler Material Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • Body Material Enamel Coated Steel
  • Dimensions 16"L x 12"W x 10"H
  • Weight 12kg / 26lbs
  • System Warranty 3 Years on Parts
  • Boiler Warranty Lifetime
  • Life Expectancy Yes
  • Professional Exterminator Approved Yes
  • Made In Italy
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