The Cardinal Carpet Cutter is designed to cut cleanly through most pile types and backings. The 548CC allows for cutting along and against the grain in curves, or along straight edges with minimal effort thus reducing operator fatigue.

The blade is grooved to reduce heat and allow the blade to shed carpet backing. The blades can also be coated for maximum heat reduction and the ability to eliminate build up of cut material.

All Eastman cutting machines are built with the highest grade materials available.

Heavy-duty Cutting Without Fusing

Heat reduction cutting with a narrow profile, grooved blade and an optional Teflon-coated blade

Ability to reduce speed to eliminate fusing, provided by the dual speed option

Eliminates cutting distortion due to the narrow silhouette standard - an extremely low base plate

Vibration-free cutting with smooth and easy maneuverability

Reduced operator fatigue provided by the optional long handle that allows the operator to cut in a standing position

Reduced operator fatigue with the option of a long handle, where cutting can be done while seated

Simple handling of the machine due to its low center of gravity

Single-hand engaging of power supply via the Patented Uni-Safe Terminal Block and Attachment Plug

  • US Warranty 6 Months Parts and 90 Days Labor Service on defects in material and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
110v, 1ph: Available
220v, 1ph: Available
220v, 3ph: Available

Blade Types
Carbon Steel: Available
High Speed Steel: Optional
Grooved Steel: Available
PTFE Coated: Optional

16 lbs. 7.26 kg.

.34hp, 1ph; .48hp. 3 ph

Blade Size
4", 5" 10.2, 12.7

Cutting Capacity
.5", 1" 1.27, 2.54

Permanent Magnet N/Available
Knife Lubricator Optional
Strip Gauge N/Available
Extension Handle Optional