Eastman's Plastic Master™ gravity fed, blade lubrication and cooling system have been designed specifically to eliminate materials from fusing during the cutting of intricate patterns or straight lines. This is a perfect choice for cutting plastic and other fusible materials such as PVC, vinyl, and reinforced plastics. The Plastic Master™ is available in a standard version, 629PM, and a heavy-duty version, 627PM, where a moistening attachment is added.

All Eastman machines are built with the highest grade materials available.

Elimination of Fusing

Short stroke and wave blade reduce blade contact and heat by 80%

Special gravity feed moistening attachment to eliminate fusing

Coolant flow exactly metered to achieve the desired degree of lubrication and cooling
Choice of Standard or Heavy-duty Performance

Standard horsepower (629PM) or the heavy-duty horse power cutting (627PM)

Please Note the blade length does not equal the amount of stacked material that can be cut. The cut depth will depend on the thickness, texture and density of the material you are using. If you are unsure if this cutter will suit your application please contact us to let us know the material that you are using, and we will be happy to offer our best recommendation
  • US Warranty 6 Months Parts and 90 Days Labor Service on defects in material and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
110v, 1ph: Available
220v, 1ph: Available
220v, 3ph: Available
380v, 3ph: Available

Dual Speed: Standard
Single Speed: Not Available
Variable Speed: Not Available

Blade Types
High Speed Steel: Available
Carbon Steel: Available
Teflon Coated: Available
Wave Edge: Standard
Wave Groove: N/Available
Round Tip: N/Available
Angled Tip: N/Available

Belt Types
Fine: N/Available
Medium: N/Available
Coarse: N/Available
Rough: N/Available
Waterproof: Standard

629PM 35 lbs. 15.9kg.
627PM 38 lbs. 17.3kg

629PM .65hp, 1ph
627PM .93hp, 3ph

Blade Size
6" 15.2cm
7" 17.7cm
8" 20.3cm

Cutting Capacity
4.5" 11.4 cm
5.5" 13.9cm
6.5" 16.5cm

Stroke Size
1.125" (2.86cm)
1.25" (3.18cm)
1.5" (3.81cm)
Other Images

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