The IQAir Replacement Gas Cartridges (Set of 4) (260 IA4-AC/4) serves as the replacement gas and odor filters for the IQAir GC VOC. In total, these cartridges contain 12 lbs of granular-activated carbon and impregnated alumina. These cartridges filter out a wide range of organic and inorganic gaseous chemicals.


  • Type: gas and odor control cartridges
  • Purpose control of specific gaseous and chemical contaminants.
  • Media Type: 12 lbs granular activated carbon & impregnated alumina
  • Chemical and odor control: Wide range of gaseous organic and inorgranic chemicals.
  • Average Filter Life*: 1 - 3 years

*Based on 8 hours of usage per day on speed setting 3.