*Same as Singer 20U83, HEAD Only, 15.75x7" Flat Bed Size, Longest 6mm Stitch Length, 1/4" Foot Lift by Hand Lever, 1/2" Foot Lift by Knee Lever, Bobbin Winder, Oil Wick, No Table

These 20U class machines have been in production for well over 35 years offering the versatility of medium speed straight stitching, zig-zag stitching, satin stitch embroidery and free-motion work.

The 20U class has also been designed for natural, synthetic fabrics and for light weight leather with perfect straight stitching with up to 12mm of zig-zag stitches.

The Knee lifter can be used to raise the foot or control zig-zag width. Buttonholes are produced by means of right, center, and left needle positions. The needle bar frame locking clamp is engaged by a quick 1/4 turn of a knob.
With a built in bobbin winder and a hook that automatically advances and retards timing (according to zig zag width) the 20U class also incorporates an adjustable forward and reverse stitch length mechanism.

  • Up to 2,000 stitches per minute
  • This machine is suitable for sewing straight, zigzag, embroidery or decorative stitches
  • Its needle can be adjusted horizontally to sew neat and nice decorative patterns
  • Locked in Straight stitches up to 6mm stitch length
  • Full Rotary all metal hook
  • Zig-zag up to 12mm stitch width
  • Three needle positions
  • Same size bed as Singer 20U
  • Reverse Lever
  • Light to Heavy duty apparel
  • US Warranty 30 days replacement if defective.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
This information is on power stands, which are not included with Head Only orders.

Click HERE for Singer version Instruction Book Operating Manual on Models 20u73 9mm zigzag and 20u83 12mm zigzag Sewing Machines. Features and Accessories may vary with comparable brands

Click HERE for Singer 20u109 Instruction Manual and Parts List

Similar Singer 20u Manual PDF for reference only

This is the only video we could find on current manufacturer 20U type machines (Singer 20u73) and is only for the 9mm zigzag version, not the 12mm zigzag version (20u43 or 20u83).

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Included Accessories
  • Accessory Package
  • Instruction book
The newer 20u type machines including the Pfaff 9020 have a threaded hole in the right hand side of the needle bar for the needle set screw to hold the needle in. In order to use the old style 20u needle bar clamp (GR484) with extended barrel to the right, the needle bar needs to have a non-threaded hole for the old style needle bar clamp to fit. This is why we would have to change both the clamp and the needle bar to use buttonhole, ruffler and walking foot attachments available. This involves installing reseting the needle bar heigth and orientation which some customers may have a problem with. The buttonhole attachment is #IBA10. The ruffler attachment is G9 and the walking foot attachment is RWA5
Howard Goldstein, New York
Have had this model & brand machine for several years and am so happy with it. I purchased a servo motor, since I live in an apartment and didn't want to disturb anyone with the idling. Love sewing on this machine...it is so smooth and like being able to control the speed. With just the change of the feed dogs & throat plate, the machine can easily change to a zigzag with up to a 12MM witdth, which is terrific for sewing knits....

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