Save when you buy the original OZEKI factory brand name. The math is clear* Brother MTPK14 thread kits contain 328 yards per spool. Ozeki factory threads contain 880 yards per spool. Both are the same soft and non abrasive metallic threads that have been made in the same factory in Japan for years..
*Brother MTPK14 with 4,592 yards in a kit of 14 spools which retails for $99.99 = .021 cents per yard!
*Ozeki 5,280 yards in a kit of 6 cones which retails at $49.99= .0094 cents per yard! Less than 1/2 price!

Ozeki is the same OEM manufacturer that is sold under the Brother Label, but contains more thread per spool than Brother offers, and at a better price.

Ozeki is a Japanese thread company which produces high quality threads such as , UltRapos, Lame' Stylo, Miro, Cloth Cook and the factory for Brother branded metallic thread.

Before Importing this thread we tested it thoroughly, and can say with confidence that this is the very best high quality Metallic Thread that has been used on Brother embroidery machines for years..

This Metallic Embroidery Thread Kit includes Popular Christmas and Mardi Gras Colors

  • Light Gold
  • Dark Gold
  • Silver
  • Red
  • Green

    Amazing metallic colors, 100% polyester specialty thread, high quality, durable, shiny texture. Developed in Japan for Brother embroidery machines and compatible with other embroidery machine brands. Designed for high speed embroidery stitching, dependable thread delivery through tensions and variety of needle and stabilizer types. Maintains its thread color beauty and quality even in the most intricate designs.
    Great metallic thread colors for every season and occasion.
Care Instructions:
1) Avoid strong acidic and alkaline conditions as metallic may lose is luster
2) For storing, please avoid contact with product that contain acid or alkaline.
3) Keep in a cool dry place away from Sunlight
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icon Comes in Popular Christmas and Mardi Gras Colors: Light Gold, Dark Gold, Silver, Red, and Green.